ÆCES (rhymes with "basis") is a non-profit organization dedicated to discerning and disseminating the most convincing evidence for the Survival of the human personality after the demise of the physical body. Special emphasis is placed on encouraging, supporting, and facilitating the work of researchers, writers, presenters, organizers, mediums, and others whose work promotes increased awareness of the afterlife. See the ÆCES mission statement here.

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"History shows that every intelligent man who has gone into this investigation, if he gave it adequate examination at all, has come out believing in spirits; this circumstance places the burden of proof on the shoulders of the skeptic."
– James H. Hyslop, Ph.D. professor of logic and ethics at Columbia University

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A technology has been developed to locate séance sounds. Using an array of microphones and new computer programs, Eckhard Krause's system can pinpoint the placement and volume of voices in a room, no matter how little light may exist. See a demostration here.

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Your Immortal Self: Exploring the Mindful Way, by Tom Butler of AA-EVP and the Ethric Studies organization. "The book begins with a redefinition of the survival hypothesis as the Trans-Survival Hypothesis. The remainder of Section I is concerned with the Implicit Cosmology which is based on the possible consequences of survival. Section II is concerned with the community in which paranormalists consider survival and Section III is concerned with the phenomena of trans-etheric influences."

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Lucky James by Keith Parsons. "This is a racy story about James and Marnie winning millions on the Big Lottery. It's about what they do with their winnings, and what it does to them. It's about romance, seduction, greed and treachery. Also featured is a psychic detective helping to trace a crook, and the quest of James to discover whether this man can provide empirical proof of the Afterlife. It is about the nature of reality, finding fulfilment, and why we are here.

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Flush My Ashes
When does the spirit leave the physical body and what ought we do with the remains?

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The Rebirth of Bridey Murphy
A widely read and most controversial book during the late 1950s and early '60s, The Search for Bridey Murphy told of the hypnotically induced recall by a Colorado housewife of a life as a child and woman in Belfast, Ireland, at the turn of the 19th century. Although supposedly "debunked," once one knows the whole story, it seems most authentic and convincing.

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Walter Franklin Prince
Dr. Walter Franklin Prince is most remembered today for his work in abnormal psychology, particularly the Doris Fischer case of multiple personality, and the strange case of Patience Worth. The author of four books on psi, Prince was the only American, other than William James, to occupy the position of president of the SPR. .”

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Jane Katra
Teacher, researcher, spiritual healer now residing in Palo Alto, California, Dr. Jane Katra offers higher vibration healings by phone and locally, and workshops in esoteric wisdom, psychic and spiritual development, forgiveness as transformation, facing death and meeting soul, and spiritual healing.

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The Top-10 Must-Read Books on Survival

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The Articulate Dead:
They Brought the Spirit World Alive

The Hereafter Trilogy:
The Book That Removes All Doubt

Journey of Souls
Case Studies of Life Between Lives

The Conscious Universe
The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena

The Realities of Heaven
Fifty Spirits Describe Your Future Home

A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife:

Your Eternal Self

Exploring Reincarnation:
The Classic Guide to the Evidence for Past-Life Experiences

Defending Bridey's Honor:
The Reality of Reincarnation

Lessons from the Light
What We Can Learn From the Near-Death Experience

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