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(Practices and attitudes regarding religion, spirituality, ethics, morality, and good and evil in the spirit realms.)

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1. Good, Evil, God, and Satan

2. Religious Views in Spirit Realms

3. Spirit Views of Earthly Practices

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Good, Evil, God, and Satan


"There is no such being as the Devil or Satan or whatever name you give to him. I always liked `Beelzebub.' Satan or the Devil is an invention of man. … Some religions use it to frighten people into being good, which is self-defeating of itself."


“I haven't come across any embodiment of evil, but I look upon the purely physical instinct, or the great physical consciousness, which has existed down the ages as far as the history of man goes, I look upon that as containing whatever evil there is in the universe.”

12 - 64

"There is no evil except that which we create, for I have seen no signs of a devil on this side of the veil. We are our own devils, with our thoughts and subsequent deeds."


"In the kingdom of the mind … there is no God but universal good; no Savior but oneself; no trinity but matter, force and mind."


"There are as many paths as there are branches on a tree, where each branch leads to the same trunk, from the pliable and brittle twig to the solid trunk-the trunk in this metaphor representing God. But, although on earth there are the many branches, it is not so in our higher world; with us it is as one great open road to God."


"I have never seen a spirit yet who has seen God, and yet here you know that you live because you are just a particle from the Divine."


"God is not limited, nor existing only in the seven spheres, He is also in the space beyond, for He fills all space."


"The churches-of whatever denomination-have built up a monstrous conception of the Eternal Father of Heaven. They have made of Him, on the one hand, a mountain of corruption by shallow lip service, by spending large sums of money to erect churches and chapels to His `glory', by pretending a groveling contrition for having offended Him, by professing to fear Him — fear Him Who is all love!"


"The idea that a King of Evil exists, whose direct function is to oppose the King of Heaven, is stupid; it is primitive and even barbaric. The Devil as a solitary individual does not exist, but an evil soul might be called a devil, and in that case there are many devils."


"If I say that now I understand the meaning of the phrase "Rest in the Lord" that might help. Yet there is no personality about this experience. God is Light, Energy and Joy to me."


"This is the statement which I have to make: that there are many gods, and that the One God is the sum total of all of them. All gods exist in God."


"God is in the sadness and the laughter, in the bitter and the sweet. … God is the up and the down. The hot and the cold. The left and the right. The reverent and the irreverent."


"This is both the goal and the glory of God: that His subjects shall be no more, and that all shall know God not as the unattainable, but as the unavoidable."


"Don't you ever believe that God can be personalized. He is the Central Force."


"I have come to the conclusion that there is no finished World of the Absolute. …For God is imagination, is the illumination or blaze beyond reason. He maintains and preserves the past, and contains the conception or picture of the future. But He adds to Himself, that is an important point."


"Through hell we pass to heaven. Without hell there can be no heaven. The one is as necessary to the other as evil is necessary to good and good to evil."




Religious Views and Practices in Spirit Realms


"People do often cling to their earth religion, whatever it may be, after coming here, but the mistaken ones finally find their error and change their views. The true religion is to love God, who is our father, and to do all one can to help make others happy and better."


"Yes, we have parties and celebrate Christmas because we did on earth and because it commemorates the birth on earth of Christ, the one pure Spirit, whom we cannot see, because he is so high above in the heavenly spheres."


"We went yesterday for the first time to a part of the Spirit World occupied by Turks and Hindus, and others who believe in the Mahomet faith. … You will be surprised when I tell you that many of these people still believe in their prophet, and it is a subject of great interest to the minds of other believers to try and change their views."


"Some seem to think that the spirit world we enter immediately after death has but a single religious form but this is not so."


"Today we went to a different part of the country. It was high and mountainous, with beautiful groves of trees, and in these were large temples where were collected thousands of spirits who had been priests of Buddha and Brahma on earth. Some of their wise men were lecturing on the future prospects of their religion on earth. Of course their conception of God is very different from ours and they keep their same notions when they first come here. In talking with one he seemed to think that the greatest happiness was in the contemplation of God's goodness, and we learned that all these priests spend a larger part of their time sitting silently meditating in these temples."


"Every known religion is practiced in the astral world. … Many of the temples, mosques, synagogues, and cathedrals are truly magnificent. And strangely enough, there are still those who are endeavoring for other "lost souls" to come under their own particular religion."


"When people come into the astral world, they do not know any more about religion or God, in the sense of the word, than they did when they were on the earth plane."


"In all cases of yearning souls thirsting for true knowledge of God and of their destiny, the opinions of earth rapidly fade, and the spirit sees how baseless and unreal they were."


"Knowledge does not make a wise man. A great Indian Yogi, a Chinese sage, a learned or holy Christian father may dwell for aeons of time within the Third and Fourth Super-terrestrial States. … They cling to the line of thought which was theirs on earth, and so they remain sadly individualised in it; they are caught in its dream, and are snared in the many errors thereof."


"Our religious teachers belong to that class of persons who were noted, during their probation on earth, for their philanthropy and deeds of moral bravery; those who, regardless of the scoffs and sneers of the time-serving multitude, dared to promulgate and defend the doctrines of `civil and religious liberty.' These practical reformers and saviours of the race, instead of worrying their hearers, as is the custom with many on earth, with horrible denunciations and awful threats of eternal vengeance for their misdoing, admonish and exhort them to higher and nobler aims and aspirations; to the study of Deity as manifested in his stupendous works."


"There are spirits who imagine that heaven can only exist where they are. They are not wicked. They are good ; but they suppose, from a kind of vanity, that the place where they are must be holy ground, from the ideas which they learned in life, and which it will take many, many years to eradicate."


"There is as much conflict of opinion on the true nature of Christ here as with you."


"Because people take with them all their characteristics into the spirit world, the fervid adherents to any particular religious body will continue to practice their religion in the spirit world until such time as their minds become spiritually enlightened."


"I have since seen them for myself-whole communities still exercising their old earthly religion. The bigotry and prejudices are all there, religiously speaking. They do no harm, except to themselves, since such matters are confined to themselves. There is no such thing as making converts here!"


"The holders of different opinions on religion are often hot in their arguments. Coming here with the same beliefs they had on earth, and being able to visualize their ideals and actually to experience the things they are expecting, two men who hold opposite creeds forcibly are each more intolerant that ever before."


"Here we continue to practice the rites of our respective churches, for on this plane we are conscious of our earthly personalities and modes of living."


"On numerous occasions since I arrived here, I have been permitted to go into the higher planes where there is a unity of God-praise, not a segregation of the praise of God."


"We are all walking. We Christians walk here, the Hindus walk there, the Buddhists walk in another place, and so forth. All have their own paradise, goals, aims, and objectives for so long. Then suddenly they are into the tremendous experience of knowing that all is one under God and that there is no division in purpose."


"I haven't heard anything personally about Jesus, Nobody around me seems to talk about him. When we come over here we have a choice: to remain as we are or to grow in our understanding. Some still seem to be Church-minded and are waiting for a Judgment Day, but these seem to be the unenlightened ones. Others seem to be expanding their mind and self toward more Eastern understandings."


Have you heard anything over there about Jesus, or a Jesus? "I told you before. I am telling you again. … Oh, it is difficult. I'm afraid I might hurt you. I might hurt you. This is what 1 was telling you: people must have an example, you know. They talk about him — a mystic, a seer, yes, a seer. Oh, but, Dad, they don't talk about him as a savior. As an example, you see? … I would like to tell you, Jesus is triumphant, you know? … Not a savior, that's the important thing — an example."



Spirit Views of Earthly Practices


"We abjure and denounce that most destructive doctrine that faith, belief, assent to dogmatic statements, have power to erase the traces of transgression ; that an earth lifetime of vice and sloth and sin can be wiped away, and the spirit stand purified by a blind acceptance of a belief, of an idea, of a fancy, of a creed. Such teaching has debased more souls than anything else to which we can point."


"We fight against that crude human view which renders God contemptible, and makes him a cruel tyrant who needed to be propitiated by His Son's death."


"Knowledge does not make a wise man. A great Indian Yogi, a Chinese sage, a learned or holy Christian father may dwell for aeons of time within the Third and Fourth Super-terrestrial States. … They cling to the line of thought which was theirs on earth, and so they remain sadly individualised in it; they are caught in its dream, and are snared in the many errors thereof."


"I meet some who are absolutely lost and in total outer darkness because of a false theological training. Such go wandering and moaning about in search of a personal God seated on a great white throne, and their Savior, the only begotten Son of God, sitting at the right hand of God; and great convoys of angels flying in the midst of the heavens and round about the great white throne, with golden harps in their hands. From the time they were born until they reached the hour of death they never knew or heard or dreamed of any possible different condition to meet them in the great beyond. These are the hardest of all cases to be led to the real and saving truth and light."


"Do not think to rest your case safely on mere belief in Spiritualism. Faith will no more save the nominal Spiritualist than it will anybody else."


"Men cannot now be frightened with tales of hell fire. They have learned that many roads lead to God. There is no `right of way' which is a perquisite of any particular form of religion. The only one that, will influence men at all is one that is full of common sense, that makes everyday life worth living, and death no longer a dreaded visitor but even a friend, for indeed it may be that."


"I believe that Christ is a great and wonderful personality, a great Spirit in the form of a man, as near as possible to God, because the God-force plays so strongly in and through Him. … But He did not come to save men from the results of their sins. It is a comfortable theory, but not true. Here we learn that every man has to earn his own salvation."


"According to the divine moral economy, there is no such thing as pardon for sins committed - no immediate mercy, no possible escape from the natural results of crime - no matter where or by whom committed; no healing of a diseased moral constitution by any outward appliances, or ceremonial absurdities; and finally, that the only way whereby to escape sin and its consequences, is by progressing above and beyond it."


"Many of the so-called religious teachings are but impositions on the credulity of mankind, being founded on the grossest absurdities and palpable ignorance of the nature of things."


"The very fact that I was lying there where I was, constituted a complete refutation of so much that I taught and upheld during my priestly life upon earth. I could see volumes of orthodox teachings, creeds, and doctrines melting away because they are of no account, because they are not true, and because they have no application whatever to the eternal world of spirit and to the great Creator and Upholder of it. I could see clearly now what I had seen but hazily before, that orthodoxy is manmade, but that the universe is God-given."



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