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Jobs - General


"A large number of the human race come here with both body and mind sunk in the lowest depths of ignorance and vice, … at times all of us receive impressions to go to their aid and to help them out of the darkness .… the past few months have been a time of unremitting labor with these poor spirits, for their good. It is indeed a thankless task, for many of them … resist every effort that is made in their behalf."


Great activity prevails; everyone has his or her own work to do. Service to others and love are the ethical standards which prevail there to a higher degree than here.


"[Spirits] cooperate in the production of the harmony of the universe by executing the volitions of God, whose ministers they are. Spirit-life is a continual occupation, hut one that has nothing in common with the painful labor of the earthly life, because there is in it neither bodily fatigue, nor the anguish of bodily wants."


"There are among spirits, as among men, some who live only for themselves; but their idleness weighs upon them, and, sooner or later, the desire to advance causes them to feel the need of activity, and they are glad to make themselves useful."

12 - 16

"There is work here, but only that which is purposeful, necessary, and congenial. No one is forced to work at any task."


"Here we have different avocations assigned to us according to our needs and desires. Some engage in teaching and training the intellect of those who need and desire such training. Some with great love of children find ample opportunity for use and enjoyment of this attribute of their natures in the kindergartens of the many thousands of children continually arriving on these shores. Some are most happy in endeavoring to assist the friends of earth into higher and better conditions and in counteracting the abnormal influences of undeveloped and misdirected spirits over the minds of mortals."


"Every one works here as he is best fitted. In helping others in some way or other, many help those they love and have left on earth, if they can get through to people there as I can to you; but for those whose relatives, either through ignorance, fear, disbelief, or religious bigotry, do not desire to get into touch with them, there is work to be done by helping less developed spirits on the lower spheres."


"[A spirit] finds the land or earth which it inhabits organized like your own, requiring labor to develop its resources, and that it is incumbent on it to labor for its own good as well as others.


"As there is choice of occupation on earth, so there is even greater choice of occupation in what you may like to call 'heaven.' I find the latitude in our choices here to be quite incredible … Here we don't work so much as individuals. We work in bands and groups."


"Men and women who care more for some particular work, pleasure, or pursuit, than for any human soul, or circle of souls, will continue to be engrossed in it until the point of satiation is reached."




Job Training


Around the intermediate level of learning, souls demonstrating special talents (healing, teaching, creating, etc.) are permitted to participate in speciality groups for more advanced work.


"Incarnation has also another aim, namely that of fitting the spirit to perform his share in the work of creation; for which purpose he is made to assume a corporeal apparatus in harmony with the material state of each world into which he is sent, and by means of which he is enabled to accomplish the special work, in connection with that world which has been appointed to him by the divine ordering. He is thus made to contribute his quota towards the general weal, while achieving his own advancement."




Learning Spirit Life


"Each experience is different … For example, there is an initial stage for those who are still focused strongly in physical reality and for those who need a period of recuperation and rest. On this level, there will be hospitals and rest homes. … There are also training centers [where] reality is explained in accordance with an individual's ability to understand and perceive it. … some individuals do not undergo any such periods, but because of development and progress during their past lives, they are ready to begin more ambitious programs."


"If [the newcomer] is a well-thinking individual and not too enmeshed in atheistic attitudes, he will eventually enter one of the great halls of learning and endeavor to find out a little more about life."

12 - 34

"The day comes that they…begin to wonder more about their present circumstances. If of a studious nature they will want to join classes, for we have them here."


"He's been attending lectures, at what they call, `halls of learning': you can prepare yourself for the higher spheres while you are living in lower ones."


"Earth people, as a rule, think that when they have passed through high school and universities, they are through with study. When they arrive here and appreciate that knowledge is the stepping stone of their progression, they attend our temples of learning."


"In a sense," he said, "one soul is as much worth helping as another; in a deeper sense, perhaps it is not. Do not think that I am indifferent to the sufferings of the weakest ones because I give my time and attention to the strong. Like the ministering angels, I go where I am most needed. Only the strong ones can learn what I have to teach. The weak ones are the charges of the Messiahs and their followers."




Optional Classes


"In other parts of this same building were rooms wherein students of art could learn all that there is to be learnt. The joy of these students is great in their freedom from their earthly restrictions and bodily limitations."


"Yes, there are schools here where any who wish for instruction can receive it-if they are fit. But there are only a few great teachers. The average college professor is not a being of supreme wisdom, whether here or there."




Educational - General


"They from above come to us to assist and advise and teach us on this sphere."


"We have schools here for the development of the soul of man, and to teach him his relation to mankind; to instruct him in the wonders of creation, impart to him knowledge of the inhabitants of the numerous worlds in space, to aid man, also, in experimenting in chemistry and all other branches of science, for in this life we can explore the uttermost extent of the universe. We also instruct in political economy and laws governing humanity. We also point out conditions and means whereby to help the unprogressive and helpless portion of mankind."


"Each society has teachers from those above, and not infrequently from the higher spheres, whose province it is to impart to us the knowledge acquired from their instructions and experience, in the different departments of science, and which we, in turn, transmit to those below."


"Our scientific researches and investigations are extended to all that pertains to the phenomena of universal nature; to all the wonders of the heavens and the earth, and to whatever the mind of man is capable of conceiving: all of which exercise our faculties, and form a considerable part of our enjoyments."


"Spirit-guides … try literally to inspire those on earth. This does not mean in religious matters only; it applies to art, science, engineering, medicine, or any other subject."


"Knowledge and learning, education or erudition do not connote spiritual worth, and the inability to read and write do not imply the absence of it. But when a soul has passed into this life, when he sees the great, broad spiritual thoroughfare opening before him with its opportunities both manifold and multiform, he sees also that knowledge can help him on his spiritual way."


"The teachers themselves do not cease their own studies because they are teaching. They are ever investigating and learning, and passing on to their pupils what they have gained. Some have progressed to a higher realm, but they retain their interest in their former sphere, and continuously visit it and their many friends to pursue their teaching."


"We are free, of course, to follow our own pursuits. There are no college rules or compulsory attendances but I, for one, find myself at the Halls of Learning almost continually."




Science and Innovation


"We took our seats in the hall where a lecture on electricity was being delivered by Benjamin Franklin. He is one of the greatest masters of that subject and still continues to give it his closest attention. They were discussing the subject as applied to moving of trains. It will be impressed on the brain of some inspired man on earth who will work it out there."


"It is in the more advanced field of chemistry and philosophy that spirit people seek to enter, and here millions labor to understand and comprehend the laws of Nature, and how to apply them."


"I am studying science, which I always liked — really and actually the science of life, the cause of things — and something of the marvelous universe and of the natural laws which govern everything."


"The noble and sublime sciences of astronomy, chemistry, and mathematics, engage a considerable portion of our attention, and afford us an inexhaustible subject for study and reflection."

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