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(Do spirits read books? Go for strolls by the seaside? Knit sweaters? Solve puzzles? Practice Taijiquan?)

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"As fond as I was of hunting on earth I now feel almost disgusted at the idea of taking the lives of innocent little birds."


"We can have a long walk in the country, and meet a friend whom we have not seen for a long time. We all smell the same aroma of the flowers and the fields as you do. We gather the flowers as you do."


"In some communities a group of men have created replicas of particular models of automobiles, and they ride them around and about for sport and pleasure. In other communities there are lakes, and there are boats on the lakes, and the many get in the boats and sail around in the same manner as if they were right back here on the earth plane."


"I wish it could be realised that there will be this opportunity for visiting and studying. It is far superior to the hurried and often wearying sight-seeing of earth. Those who wish to travel, but are bound by duty to their homes, will be able, on arrival here, to visit all variety of interesting places and to enjoy them fully. The inability to travel, which so many on earth lament, would take a brighter aspect if it were understood that the opportunity does not end with bodily death, and that the pleasure is merely postponed."


"I go boating and golfing, but one must not take life in any form, so I no longer fish."


"Floating upon this superb sea, some close at hand-others standing a little way out, were the most beautiful boats."


"It must be ever remembered that fun and humor are not, and never will be, the sole prerogative of inhabitants of the earth-plane, however much they may like to claim a monopoly of them, and however much they may like to deny us our lighthearted merriment. We shall continue to laugh in spite of their possible disapproval!"

31- 165

"I wished that I had cultivated the acquaintance of some of those ladies who crochet and gossip in this world as they crocheted and gossiped in yours. Do not be shocked. Did you fancy that a lifelong habit could be laid aside in a moment?"



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The Transition - T

    • Sensations & Emotions - T1

    • Location - T2

    • Destinations - T3

    • Arriving/Awakening - T4

    • Greeters & Guides - T5

    • Review & Judgement - T6

Conditions/Environment - C

    • Physicality/Realness - C1

    • Light & Climate - C2

    • Landscape & Vegetation - C3

    • Buildings & Infrastructure - C4

    • Time - C5

    • Technology - C6

Particular Populations - P

    • Children & Infants - P1

    • Stillbirths & Abortions - P2

    • Aliens/Non-Earthlings - P3

    • Pets & Animals - P4

    • Angelic Beings - P5

    • Suicides - P6

Mind & Body - B

     • Character & Emotions - B1

     • Memory & Knowledge - B2

     • Structure & Functions - B3

     • Appearance & Clothing - B4

     • Food & Drugs - B5

     • Rest & Sleep - B6

Operating/Functioning - F

    • Communicating - F1

    • Traveling - F2

    • Creating & Controlling - F3

Social Aspects - S

     • Gender & Sexuality - S1

     • Personal Relations - S2

     • Race & Ethnicity - S3

     • Status & Competition -S4

     • Government & Authority - S5

     • Trade & Money - S6

Activities - A

    • Religion & Morality - A1

   •  Work & Study - A2

    • Entertainment & Art - A3

    • Sports & Games - A4

    • Gatherings & Celebrations- A5

    • Leisure & Hobbies - A6

Relation to Material Realm - R

     • Awareness of - R1

     • Communicating with - R2

     • Attraction to - R3

     • Ability to Affect - R4

     • How Affected by Us - R5

Soul Development - D

    • Birth/Creation - D1

    • Oversouls & Groups - D2

    • Choosing the Physical - D3

    • Reincarnation - D4

    • Advancement/Progress - D5

    • Apotheosis - D6

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