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(Personality characteristics as carried over into, or formed within, the spiritual realms.)

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When we pass on, our earth memories pass with us, but slowly they fade and we are guided and governed by [our] greater mind which has been with us all our lives building up our bodies, performing its inward functions, and making us what we are though we know it not.


The etheric duplicate carries over with it … everything but the physical covering. Character, memory, affection, personality, etc., go with the etheric, because they pertain to the etheric body on earth.


"You will not be automatically wise … but neither will there be a way to hide from your own feelings, emotions, or motives."


"As the soul lives in the earth-life, so does it go to spirit-life. Its tastes, its predilections, its habits, its antipathies, they are with it still."


"Many spirits are prematurely withdrawn from the body. They then pass before they are fit; and at the moment of departure they are in evil state, angry, bloodthirsty, filled with evil passion. They do mischief great and long in after-life."


"When a soul chooses to leave here for a learning experience, it forgets all it knows. That is so the learning experience will not be influenced in any way. When the soul returns to God and to us, it remembers all it ever knew and adds its Earth experience to its knowledge."


"There are some utterly earthbound souls who plot revenge against some so-called enemy in the physical plane…Such a soul retards his spiritual growth by tens of thousands of days or years, until he comes to realize that what is even worse than murder in the physical plane is continued seeking for revenge in the spirit plane."


"[A soul] is born into the next world with all his limitations, with all his narrowness of outlook, with his affections and his dislikes. He is, in short, thoroughly human."


"Dissolution is a step in evolution, and involves no mental change, adding nothing, subtracting nothing, but simply increasing the opportunities for observation and learning."


"After the death of the body, the spirit has a loftier aspiration for the good and true, a stronger desire to develop the germ of its nature."


"Do you not understand that what you believe you are going to be out here is largely determinative of what you will be?"


"There is much pride out here in the accomplishments of the earth life, especially among those who have recently come out...Men and women do not cease to be human merely by crossing the frontier of what you call the invisible world. In fact, the human characteristics are often exaggerated, because the restraints are fewer."


"The inner voice of conscience is still with us here. I had a feeling that, when I stepped out of my physical body, my conscience would be me, but it isn't. It is still a separate part of me which cautions and guides me."


"This law of suffering as the result of emotional disease is a great regulator of society. You know that fire burns and so avoid putting your hand into the fire. With just as much conviction we avoid anger because we know that it will burn us in just the same actual sense."


"Anger, cruelty and malice inflict positive injury upon the bodies of those in the vicinity…It is no joke being a physician here but the fact that one has to experience in one's own body the illness from which one's patient is suffering, certainly makes for easier diagnosis!"



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