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(What does the spirit know of its past, its present, its purpose, its future? How are the intellectual powers linked to the mind, brain, spirit?)

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"You bring your mind over here with you. You leave your physical brain on earth. Our mind here acts on our etheric brain and through it on our etheric body, just as your physical brain acts on your physical body."


The mind never grows old, only the brain, the mind's instrument, which becomes impaired as the physical body grows old. Nothing we have learned, no intellectual wealth acquired, is ever lost.


Does the soul, when it has returned into the world of spirits, still possess the perceptions it possessed in the earthly life? "Yes; and others which it did not possess in that life, because its body acted as a veil which obscured them."


"[A spirit] remembers the things of his life more or less distinctly and in detail, according to the influence they have exercised on his state as a spirit He has the power of recalling the most minute details of every incident of his life, and even of his thoughts; but when no useful purpose would be served by exerting this power, he does not exert it."


"A spirit's ideas undergo very great modifications in proportion as he becomes dematerialized, He may sometimes retain the same ideas for a long period, but little by little the influence of matter diminishes, and he sees more clearly. It is then that he seeks for the means of advancing."


"Our life with each other - every scene - is never lost, and can be recaptured and played again in the spirit world."


"Some people think that because we are here, we have only to go anywhere we choose, and find out anything we like. But that's Tommy-rot."


"Many here require teaching. So little of earth's teaching counts after one leaves the physical behind. So long as a mind is trained so that it can concentrate and control the desires - that is more important than anything else. "


Can you explain to me how you recall your memories? "On our own sphere we do not recall memory because it is present. All is upon the one page. Past is present in that sense with us. It is impossible to forget anything; not that we are always looking at the past, but it is there for us to read in our memory. It is there without any striving for it." You would not experience that memory as vividly as when the event had just happened? "I could do so if I wished, by an act of will." Then one might almost live over again the happiest scenes of earth life? "Yes, we can and do. It is especially wonderful and beautiful when two recall such things together."


I gather, from what you have told me, that it will be possible some day to re-enact all the brightest and best scenes of one's earthly life. "Yes, and also those which one has missed on earth; all that which once was possible, but which did not come to fruition. When you come here you will find that which is difficult for me to express. You will realise the good of what you have done, and the happiness which you had, and beyond that, also, the happiness which you might have had, and which, just because you might have had it, is still yours."


"Your feelings, your memory, your love, your interests and ambitions remain; all you have left behind (and even that one cannot at first realize) is the physical body, which proves to be merely the covering of the spiritual to enable it to function in a material world.


"We know and remember in the spirit-world everything that has happened in our earth-life (that is, if we wished to remember we could do so), as the subconscious mind is so active here."


"I can experience any season of my life inan expanded fashion, using a heightened membory that actively recreates events, giving me awareness of an event as I once experienced it — but expanded to include all of those personal details that escaped me at the time."


"There are many, many things here which we do not understand-and it will take eons of time before we even have a faint gleam of understanding them. But we are not asked to understand them; we are asked to take them as they are. It makes no difference whatever to our soul's progression. We shall be able to progress far-and far beyond that-before we shall ever need to think about understanding such things."


"It is wonderful to remember, to let the mind go back year after year, life after life, century after century, back and back till one finds oneself-a turtle! But one can also look ahead, forward and forward, life after life, century after century, eon after eon, till one finds oneself an archangel. The looking back is memory; the looking forward is creation."


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