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(How spirits appear to each other. How they identify one another.)

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… the spirit body has still the form it had on earth.


The individual mind in the Etheric world obtains in time such control over the Etheric body that all bodily deformities can be removed and cured by thought.


When the old and tottering body is cast aside, the etheric duplicate stands erect, freed from its outward physical handicap. The old die old only in the physical sense, but enter the next life young..


"you can manipulate this [spirit form] so that it takes any appearance that it had when it was connected with your physical form in the immediately previous physical life. Most individuals after death choose a more mature image that usually corresponds to the peak physical abilities Others choose instead to take the form they had at the particular point when the greatest mental or emotional heights were achieved."


In the minds of my subjects, every soul generates a specific color aura.


"We have no bodies. If we wanted to look like we looked on Earth, we can do so."


"One of the things that interests me most is the beautiful bodies the people here inhabit. [they] shine with light and color."


Have souls a determinate, circumscribed, and unvarying form? "Not for eyes such as yours; but, for us, they have a form though one only to be vaguely imagined by you as a flame a gleam, or an ethereal spark. If you could see it, it would appear to you to vary from a dull grey to the brilliancy of the ruby, according to the degree of the spirit's purity."


"[After death, the soul] still has a fluid peculiar to itself, which it draws from the atmosphere of its planet, and which represents the appearance of its last incarnation - its perispirit."


"Some primp before mirrors which their thought forms have created, wearing fancy clothing which they have wished into seeming reality."


"Most of the people here wear white robes."


"There is an inner, etheric body, composed of minute particles, of such substance that it can, and does, pass into spirit life. It is in the semblance of the material body, but whether beautiful or ugly, strong or weak, depends upon the inner life of the person."


"In earth life I gave all for wearing apparel; and when I reached the spirit world, I did not have rags enough to cover me, and the beauty of my form had vanished. I was misshapen and distorted. At first I could not understand that it was my spiritual body that was so deformed, for I had not given the spiritual part of me a thought while on earth. A spirit came and offered to clothe me, but no sooner did the garments touch my body than they were discolored. My progress has been slow, but after many years of suffering I have developed my spirit and restored its beauty."


"I dress as I did with you, but some people wear white robes because they think when out of the mortal body it is the correct thing to do. If I chose to wear a tunic and sandals, or a `Beefeater's' getup, no one would laugh and jeer; they would realize it made me happy, and that is reason enough."


"We are, moreover, endowed with all the beauty, loveliness, and vivacity of youth, and are clothed in flowing vestments of effulgent nature suited to the particular degree of refinement of our bodies. Our raiment being composed of phosphorescent principles, we have the power of attracting and absorbing or reflecting the rays evolved, according as our condition is more or less developed."


"The new spirit often finds it necessary to shelter its body from the sun or storm ; not because it gives it pain, or that it would induce sickness or disease to expose its body to all the variations of temperature, but that its pleasures are enhanced by its compliance with all the laws of nature and to expose the body to cold or wet, with its organization not entirely freed from all admixture of earth, would diminish the real pleasure it would receive from shelter or protection. Consequently, it erects its habitations, and clothes its body."


"It is the law that, as we progress spiritually we become younger in appearance, while we grow older in knowledge and wisdom and spirituality. I am not suggesting that we assume an exterior of extreme juvenility, nor do we lose those external indications of personality. To do that would make us all of a deadly uniformity, but we do, in truth, return-or advance, according to our age when we pass into spirit - towards what we have always known as 'the prime of life'."


"They had the right to wear their spirit robes by virtue of the fact that they were inhabitants of this realm we were now in. And the robes they wore were eminently suited to both the place and the situation. all outward appearances are produced, not by the texture of the material, but by the kind and degree of light that is essence of a spirit robe. … They looked very comfortable to wear, and like everything here, they require no attention to keep them in a state of perfect preservation, the spirituality of the wearer alone accounting for that."


"There are many people here in costumes of the ancient days. I do not infer from this fact that they have been here all those ages. I think they wear such clothes because they like them."


"People who die at a young age can mature and progress to what they consider a 'prime' age."


"We were accustomed to wear clothes that belonged to our particular period. The images of these are deeply marked in our subconscious memory. So our first instinct is to appear to those we love as we were on earth. Our minds, though unconscious of the imaginative act, fashion out of this amazingly plastic ether every thread, every inch of the garments which we habitually wore during our earth life."


"In the world after death which I have called the sphere of Terrene Imagination, men are the possessors of bodies which reproduce in shape and in general appearance the discarded physical form, though they are clothed in an ethereal substance which vibrates with a greater intensity. ."



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