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(Sustenance, eating, drinking, taste, digestion, and elimination, plus the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other substances in the spirit realms.)

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"The vines are trained in all kinds of curious shapes around a great many summer houses. A company of Frenchmen live here and make the grapes into wine. Of course. But our wines do not intoxicate."


"We eat and drink, but it is not what you mean by eating and drinking. To us it is a mental condition. We enjoy it mentally, not bodily; as you do."


"You do not have to have food or drink in order to sustain the astral body. You never get hungry or thirsty. the astral body extracts the prana or the life-giving force from the atmosphere."


"He says he doesn't want to eat now. But he sees some who do; he says they have to be given something which has all the appearance of an earth food."


"Some want meat, and some strong drink; they call for whisky sodas. Don't think I'm stretching it, when I tell you that they can manufacture even that. But when they have had one or two, they don't seem to want it so much-not those that are near here. He has heard of drunkards who want it for months and years over here, but he hasn't seen any."


"Our life is ten times more replete with interest than that of earth and no time is wasted in sleep, eating, or the preparation of food."


"You want to know how I eat? Well, my body absorbs all the nourishment it requires from the atmosphere."


"The earth brings forth spontaneously most of the food required for our bodies. And I would say, the advanced spirits do not require as much food as those who are below them. Their bodies, in every sphere to which they are elevated, lose a portion of their grossness, and as they are more refined, they become more like the spirit itself."


"Now, we eat, and drink, and sleep, but these absolute necessities of organic life are not performed in the same way as on earth; that is, the fact of eating is merely to support matter, and when there is but little matter, or matter refined, it requires but very little food to support it. When the spirit has ascended to the higher spheres, it casts off, as a garment, the grosser part of its body, and, consequently, the spirit distinct is the governing principle of its existence. I should say that the spirit is the greater proportion of the two: thus the spirit-necessities are paramount, and sometimes such spirits scarcely eat once a week, and only when the demands of the material part of their combination require support from food."


"During the first days the habit of earthly hunger often held her, and he tried to appease it by giving her the softer substance which we know here."


"We are no longer bothered by hunger and thirst; though I, for instance, still stay myself occasionally with a little nourishment, and infinitesimal amount compared with the beef-steak dinners which I used to eat."


"Almost unconsciously, we infer that the light which pours down on our world is a kind of life. It renews our being, and satisfies and feeds us; in fact, we need no other food."


"[Spirits] on the Third Plane, or world of Illusion are able also to persuade themselves that they continue to eat and drink although this is purely an act of the imagination . But if we reduce their condition to precise terrestrial terms we would say that they existed in the ether and were sensible of, and nourished by, the cosmic rays."



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