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"We do not live in a dream world. As I have said, we live in a real, tangible world, though the atoms composing it differ from the atoms which make up your world. Our minds can act on this tangible substance in a way yours cannot do on your world. You live in a world of slower vibrations."


"This etheric body is just as substantial to us now as the physical body was to us when we lived on earth. We have the same sensations. When we touch an object we can feel it, when we look at something we can see it. Though our bodies are not material, as you understand the word, yet they have form and feature and expression."


The next is a very real world-no floating on some fleecy cloud in some disembodied state which has no form or feature. The word Spirit is only an earth term.


What would happen to you if this earth came into collision with another star or planet and was destroyed? "It would make no difference to us, our world is quite independent of physical matter."


"The after-death environments are generally far more intense and joyful than the reality you now know."


"An astral world is, therefore, the world that is created through the thoughts of men and by the actions of men from any given planet-and it immediately surrounds that planet. it is then a world of reality to those who inhabit it and whose senses are attuned to it."


"The astral world is just as solid to us as the physical world is to you. If I am sitting in a chair, I am sitting in a solid chair. And when I am talking to John Jones here in the astral world, John Jones is just as solid to my senses as he was to your senses when he was in the physical plane and you spoke to him there."


"The place where I am doesn't look any different. It's just here. There seems to be a fluidity to endeavor, to space, to time, to everything. It flows, some way. The only difference is that it is unobstructed."


"The spirit-world is pre-existent to, and survives, everything else."

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"We awaken into a realm of pure beauty and song. The trees are real trees here, not the reflections which you in the flesh see. The flowers are pure thought form and therefore much more exquisite than anything actually in the form seen by physical man. The birds, animals, spirits, yes, the many mansions are perfection here, for they are thought forms."


"When in a finer shape they take flight from it, they frequently do not realise the fundamental unreality of earth. they enter into a dream that, in its main particulars, resembles the earth. But now this dream is memory and, for a time, they live within it. All those activities that made up their previous life are re-enacted, that is, if such is their will. Some call this memory-dream "Summerland"- quite an apt term, for the soul, freed from the limitations of the flesh, has far greater mental powers, and can adapt the memory-world to his taste. He does so unconsciously, instinctively choosing the old pleasures, but closing the door to the old pains. He lives for a while in this beatific, infantile state."


"Nearly every soul lives for a time in the state of illusion. The large majority of human beings when they die are dominated by the conception that substance is reality, that their particular experience of substance is the only reality."


"[Some] souls exist in the etheric zone which is about the earth. They are inhabitants of the world of illusion. there is an almost entire absence of conflict and effort, accordingly there is an absence of any true creation. Many human beings regard such a state as the most desirable condition of being."


"I am in a state of consciousness not far removed from earthly existence. My life seems quite as real as it did on earth, even more real."


"Such a lot of people think it's a kind of thought-world, where you think all sort of things-that it's all "think." But when you come over you see that there's no thinking about it; it's there, and it does impress you with reality."


"Your earth and all things of your earth have their exact counterparts in the great spirit world, just as real, just as tangible, just as substantial to the inhabitants of the spirit world as ever the earth and material things and forms thereof are to the inhabitants in mortal form upon your earth."


"Dissolution is but unfettering the man, and opening to him the gateway of a more realistic existence than any person ever experienced in the mortal."


"Many people think that we must be living in a kind of dream state, or in a world which is mental only. It is not so. Even in a world where one can create mentally there must be some material to work upon. On whatever sphere you may be living you have material on which to work."


"I asked one of my guides if it was a `thought-world' we were in, though the ground felt quite substantial to my feet; and he said, `It is more real and permanent than the one you have left.' I bent down and poked my finger in the soil and found it left a hole, and the soil stuck under my nail."


"The six spiritual spheres are not shapeless chimeras, or mere projections of the mind, but absolute entities, as much so indeed as the planets of the solar system or the globe on which you now reside."


"Instead of being, as many of you imagine, mere shadowy and unsubstantial entities, we are possessed of definite, tangible, and exquisitely symmetrical forms, with well-rounded and graceful limbs."


"We do not feel at all like transparent angels sitting on damp clouds. Were it not for the quickness with which I get over space, I should think sometimes that my body was as solid as ever."


"Out of the memories of earth the soul creates his environment, builds, through his imagination, the special dream, the primal object of his appetites or desires during this state of Illusion.."



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