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(Ambient light, day & night, temperature, wind, rain, etc., in the spirit realms.)

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"The water here is always pure and clear with no rain to make it muddy."


"We have no night here as you would understand night. We have no sun, yet we get all the light we need. We get our light from the source of all light."


"The elements do not go on the rampage in the astral world The atmosphere is always that which is desired by the collective group."


"We do not depend on your sun in the astral world, The light and darkness that we have over here is constituted by the power of the mind. Well now, you certainly couldn't say, `I am tired of it being dark, therefore I am going to turn the sun on.' Speaking as an individual, that would be ridiculous. But our environment or atmosphere can be set up so that at certain periods of the so-called day, we may also have the evenings and the mornings the same as you have upon the earth plane, if it is so desired."


"[Spirits] see of themselves. and have no need of any exterior light."

12 -51

"The light here is pure and unceasing, since the sun does not control it.


"Your etheric body is nourished by light which is not the light of the sun."


Do you have rain? "Well, you can go to a place where rain is."


"Although the spheres revolve with the earth on a common axis, forming the same angle with the plane of the ecliptic, and move with it about your sun, they are not dependent upon that sun for either light or heat."


"The light we have is obtained from the action of our minds on the atmosphere. We think light, and there is light. That is why people who come over in evil condition are in the dark; their minds are not competent to produce light enough for them to see. There is greater intensity of light as we go up through the spheres, which comes from the blending of the more spiritual minds."


"The [spirit] spheres are not dependent on [the sun] for either light or heat.


"They have fire, I am told, in the dark spheres; but even those spirits residing near the earth require no fire, as the climate they live in is exactly adapted to the condition of their organization, and having but comparatively little of matter to protect, they feel none of the changes of climate, which are very rare."


"the mellow light is constantly shedding its mild rays over the whole landscape; where, too, the brilliant tints of that gorgeous brightness which emanates from the spheres beyond illumines the blue space above with the sparkling radiance of a brightness greater than the sun."


"Here there is no night and day by the alternation of which time can be measured. It is perpetual day. The great celestial sun for ever shines . Here we have no recurrent seasons of spring, autumn. and winter. Instead we enjoy the glory of perpetual summer-and we never tire of it!"


"And over all was the light of heaven shining evenly and uninterruptedly, so that nowhere were there dark places."


"Spirituality means warmth in the spirit world; lack of spirituality means coldness."


"There was no sun to give its light from one quarter only and to cause that change of aspect when the direction of the sunlight changes. The overspreading of light from the great central source of light in the spirit world, constant and unmoving, gives us perpetual day"


"One is not conscious whether there is a sun or no sun. There is simply glorious light."


"The light radiated from no one direction, it was a glowing, universal fact, bathing everything in its soft radiance so that the sharp shadows and dark edges which define objects on earth were missing. Each thing glowed or sparkled with its own light and was lighted as well by the circumambient spendour."


"This life-giving light of ours has its own scale of frequencies which differ for each plane. That means that the senses of the inhabitants of the various planes are able to register that particular range of frequencies as light."


"There are no clouds where I am — no confusion in the land of light."


"The very human illusions which certain men and women bear with them from the world lead them, for a while, actually to perceive the cosmic rays as they perceived the sun on earth. Habits of mind are so difficult to shake off that, in this period, they perceive, because they expect to perceive, a sun, moon, stars and other familiar surroundings.."



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