Landscape & Vegetation

(Plants, trees, agriculture, and other growing things, plus land formations, rivers & seas, mountains, caves, soil, and minerals in the spirit realms.)

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"As far as we could see below lay a landscape of woods and vales, winding streams, villages dotting the plains. Here and there were large cities. The whole was tinged with that peculiar magnetic or electric glow which makes everything here look as if it were edged with gold."


"We were at Tompkins today and saw an arbor covered with a vine like your Mexican vine, so I went home to our place and in a short time made an arbor, planted the vines, and magnetized them, and before I came here the whole thing was a mass of flowers."


"Here we have no decay in flower or field as you have. Vegetable life just stops growing and disappears. It dematerialises."


"You know flowers, how they decay. We have got flowers here; your decayed flowers flower again with us - beautiful flowers."


"The six spiritual spheres … are diversified with an immense variety of the most picturesque landscapes; with lofty mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, lakes, forests, and the internal correspondence of all the higher phenomena of earth. The trees and shrubbery, crowned with exquisitely beautiful foliage and flowers of every colour and variety, send forth their grateful emanations."


"The beauty of the third sphere far transcends that of earth. The scenery is endlessly diversified with spiritual objects, corresponding to things of your planet. Mountains and valleys, hills and dales, rivers and lakes, and trees and plants, lend their enchantment to the scene."


"In the fourth sphere the scenery is characterized by still more beautiful landscapes: the grass appears of a greener green, and the flowers are more gorgeous in their hue, and the birds sing still more sweetly."


"Once the garden was created there was not the incessant toil that is necessary for its upkeep, as with large gardens upon earth. It is the constant decay, the stresses of storm and wind, and the several other causes that demand the labour on earth. Here there is no decay and all that grows does so under the same conditions as we exist. I was told that the garden would need practically no attention."


"We followed a path that led for part of the way beside a brook, … It seemed to be almost like liquid crystal, and as the light caught it, it scintillated with all the colours of the rainbow. I let some of the water run over my hand, … it had an electrifying effect which extended from my hand right up the arm."


"Never had I expected to behold such a sea. Its coloring was the most perfect reflection of the blue of the sky above, but in addition it reflected a myriad rainbow tints in every little wavelet. … From where we were, I could see islands of some considerable size in the distance, … Beneath us was a fine stretch of beach upon which we could see people seated at the water's edge"


"After a flower reaches its perfection, it can remain like that for a very long time. We create it…When we have kept it as perfect flower for the length of time we want, we then disintegrate it."


"Grass, trees and flowers were so lighted inwardly by their own beauty that the soul breathed in the miracle of perfection."



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