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(Architecture, design, planning, and appearance of houses, halls, offices, parks, roads, bridges, etc., in the spirit realms..)

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"Today, we … started out to visit Mount Delight … When we reached the top, we found the greenest lawn … in the center stood a large pavilion with marble columns and an immense dome … It seems it was built many thousands of years ago by a lot of early Grecian artists, … who have now progressed to higher spheres. Their very names are lost from memory but it all stands just as they left it."


"As far as we could see below lay a landscape of woods and vales, winding streams, villages dotting the plains. Here and there were large cities.


"In the higher planes of the astral world we find large cities comparable to London, we will say, but without commercial or industrial areas, for none are necessary."


"We have much more ornament than you have and precious stones are used for trimmings of houses. It is a common sight to see the front steps of precious stone. I have the promise of a large sapphire for our house."


"You can go into a home where it is very comfortable. You step into it and you see a fireplace. The fire there is burning just as comfortably as if it were right there on the earth plane."


"Some planes of consciousness are literally studded with glittering diamonds, and gold shines here and there in great abundance. In this respect, these higher astral planes have a grandeur that is beyond comparison to the most magnificent palace of the earth plane."


"I left him, and followed a multitude who were just entering a magnificent temple, where a teacher was to address them. This structure is immensely large and exquisitely symmetrical in its proportions. Many stately columns support its roof, each surmounted by a cap of chaste design. The material of this temple is similar in appearance to alabaster, but transparent. The seats are semicircular, forming an amphitheatre."


"The surface of each [building was] smooth as of marble, yet it had the delicate texture and translucence of alabaster."


"It was a home of rest for those who had come into spirit after long illness, or who had had a violent passing, and who were, in consequence, suffering from shock. .… It was built in the classical style, two or three stories high, and it was entirely open upon all sides. That is to say, it contained no windows as we know them on earth."


"I `woke up' here in this hospital of the Rest Home. My room had no walls and the sunlight seemed to flow over one all the time."


"Gleaming palaces and temples and beautiful cities built in elaborate form in surroundings of surpassing loveliness do exist. They satisfy the artistic and creative among us, so have a legitimate place in life after all."



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