(How spirits sense change and the passage of time. How time in the spirit realms compares to time in our world.)

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"We always keep our engagements promptly for we see that it is right to do so, and as we can go anywhere in a minute we are always on time. We know time by instinct, but we do have time pieces as you do because we had them on earth. Eight o'clock is the beginning of our evening and our so-called night is from twelve midnight until five in the morning."


Age there is not measured in years; there time differs from ours.


There, time differs from ours. We count our time by the revolution of a physical globe round a physical sun, but when we leave our earth we enter a new environment where time, such as we understand it, does not exist.


"There are three kinds of time: sidereal or clock time; psychological time; and orthic time. Orthic time is the reality. Sidereal time, which is a reality to you, is only an attribute of matter."


"Our method of contracting time is our individual attitude toward it. We, because we want a given period to be long or short, make it so."

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"Time, of course, is different. There's no such thing as clock time here, for we are able to eliminate time as well as space, since we are able to will ourselves to be anywhere at any moment of earth time and are able to look ahead so far into what you call the future that this also transcends the earthly idea of time. For things are planned ahead-make no mistake."


"There is no night here, and consequently no day, at least not as I once measured, and as you still measure, time. Time here is measured only by emotions, events and deeds."


"We have no divisions of time, therefore, into days, weeks, months, or years; nor alternations of season, caused by the earth's annual revolution; those periods being observed with reference only to the affairs of earth."


"Time, as we reckoned it, does not exist here. Consciousness has taken its place. By the degree of consciousness of the Spirit can we measure the extent of, the habitation of varying states in our onward progress."


"We don't talk about time here. We talk about opportunity. We cannot think about time here because it is not measured off in days and nights and months and years."


"In truth. there is only one `time' and one `place,' and you are in all of it, always. You may thus experience any part, or parts, of it you wish, whenever you choose."



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