Soul Development

Oversouls & Groups

(Hierarchies of souls, soul mates, clusters, multiple manifestations or projections of a soul, clans and other soul groupings.)

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"The whole self or entity or soul can never be completely materialized in three-dimensional form. A part of it can be projected into that dimension however, extending so many years in time, taking up so much space, and so forth."


When people in trance speak of being part of a soul cluster group, they are talking about a small primary group of entities who have direct and frequent contact, such as we would see in a human family.


Members of the same cluster group are closely united for all eternity. … Usually they choose lives together as relatives and close friends during their incarnations on earth.. … Although group size diminishes as souls advance, the intimate contact between original peer group members is never lost.


"The fact that we do appear on earth to be paying for the sins of another life is, in a certain sense, true. … a soul belonging to the group of which I am a part lived that previous life which built up for me the framework of my earthly life, lived it before I had passed through the gates of birth."


"Here, in the After-death, we become more and more aware of this group-soul as we make progress. Eventually we enter into it and share the experiences of our brethren."


"We are, to my limited knowledge, all members not of one Group but of many, and the many make up the Great Group or the Great Soul Being in which we live and move and have our being…and these great Beings unite to form further great Group Souls or Divine Beings in the Divine company of Heaven."


"Every soul belongs to a group and forms an integral part of a Group soul...One is part of a Group Soul as one is part of a family in the physical sense; a family relationship may be temporary, but a soul relationship is eternal."


"The entire complement of a Group Soul is never in complete incarnation at the same time, i.e., there is always an integrated part of the Group on this Side."


"The human soul … is much larger than you have imagined. … Some of the physical forms enveloped by your soul are `living now,' in your understanding. Others individuated in forms that are now what you would call `dead.' And some have enveloped forms that live in what you call the `future.' "



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