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(How reincarnation works. Which souls return to earth and why.)

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1. Process and Procedures

4. Partners and Groups

2. Planning and Purposes

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6. Affirmations and Denials

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Process and Procedures


"A man who hates always believes himself justified. … but the hatred itself forms a very strong claim that will follow him throughout his lives, until he learns that only the hatred itself is the destroyer."


"There is no rule … that the reincarnating personality must take over the new form prepared for it either at the point of conception, in the very earliest months of the fetus's growth, or even at the point of birth. The process is gradual … In the early days of infancy, there is not a steady focus of the personality in the body."


"We have many more spirits over here than you have on the earth plane in the flesh."


“Man evolved … before he began to reincarnate.”


"He who advances quickly spares himself many trials. Nevertheless, these successive incarnations are always very numerous."


Can a spirit which has animated a human body be incarnated in an animal? "No; for such an incarnation would be a retrogradation; and a spirit never retrogrades. The river does not flow back to its source."

12 - 46

"The more hurdles that are overcome in a physical lifetime, the less often that soul will thereafter need to return to physical form to round off the rough spots in his character."


"No one is forced to return to physical form. If we so choose, we are permitted to remain here throughout eternity, although it is harder to advance."


"Souls don't return promiscuously to any body, in any family. There is a sequence in their lives that necessitates their coming to one particular environment. It is part of the natural law, and works automatically."


"Some individuals return to physical life many times. Others live a life or two of great intensity and then follow through with ideas from this end, watching as the physical seeds of that creativity sprout, but from a distance."

28 - 71

How soon does an entity reincarnate? "This is not a set pattern or rule. It is dependent on the free will of that particular entity. Also upon the needs of that entity. If it is one that has been greatly damaged or hurt in one particular incarnation, and is not pliable or workable in the between-stage, it is then incarnated rather quickly and caused to have a short life so that it will come in as a more pliable form. It may then choose its time and place to relearn the lesson it missed. Or it may go on to new lessons if it perhaps chose some that were too difficult."


"You do not have to do anything. Not in this lifetime, not in any other. … You may `come back' as anything you wish, or in any other dimension, reality, solar system, or civilization you choose."


"The answer to the question: Can a soul return as an animal? is `Yes, of course.' The real question is: Would it? The answer is: Probably not. … The soul's greatest desire is to experience higher and higher aspects of itself. And so it seeks to move upward, not downward, on the evolutionary scale, until it experiences what has been call Nirvana."


"There is no set law concerning reincarnation. At a certain point in its progress, the soul reflects, weighs and considers the facts of its own nature in conjunction with its past life on earth. …You have complete free will but your spirit indicates the path you should follow and you frequently obey that indication."


Planning and Purposes


"Usually, between lives you choose ahead of time your children, and they choose you as parents."


"Decisions as to future lives may be made not only in between-life conditions but also in dream states in any given life."


"There is a definite reason that you were born into the family that you find yourself in. … [just as] when you enabled many other souls to come into manifestation in other generations down through the millions of years in which you have re-embodied yourself upon the earth plane."


"This spirit body is unable to adapt itself completely - in complete harmony, complete unity - and, therefore, happily with the conditions of this side until … it has had certain experiences and benefitted by them. … I think that there are few people who can get the sufficiently varied experiences and tests in one incarnation that will enable them to stay permanently on this side. They have to come back until the spirit body is built up."


"[A soul] looks up and he sees those who have, let us say, grown wings, those who can soar, those who can have adventures and experiences of a remarkably interesting kind from which he is debarred. … He knows there is something wrong, and he usually acquiesces in the suggestion that he should volunteer to go back."


"The soul, in purifying itself, undoubtedly undergoes a transformation; but, in order to effect this transformation, it needs the trial of corporeal life. … we all have many such existences. Those who maintain the contrary wish to keep you in the same ignorance in which they are."

12 - 31

"Because we are imperfect in our reactions and behavioral pattern, we must strive ever onward through many earth cycles until we achieve sufficient perfection to rejoin God as co-creators. It is the law, for no imperfect thing will ever have the opportunity to become a part of the Godhead."

12 - 87

"Here we blend in harmony with those of similar interests and vibrations, but when we return to the flesh we are thrown into contact with those who are not in harmony with us or we with them. That is when the testing begins."

12 - 106

"His rebirths are not therefore to chosen parentage, because he fails to achieve that state between earth lives when he is accorded that right."


"There is no reward for behaving correctly here in spirit, because there is nothing to tempt us otherwise."

28 - 60

"There are certain tasks which have been set for each soul to accomplish in a given lifetime. However, this is not a hard and firm rule. If that soul so chooses, it may take several lifetimes to accomplish these same things."


"The Blueprint of one's efforts, one's successes and failures on all the planes; physical, material, emotional, mental and spiritual does indicate that a definite line of advance is voluntarily accepted by the soul before incarnation."


"Those who do not believe in rebirth cannot forever escape the rhythm of rebirth; but they hold to their belief until the tide of rhythm sweeps them along with it and forces them into gross matter again, into which they go quite unprepared."


"There is no such thing as karmic debt … If karma is the innate desire to be better, to be bigger, to evolve and grow, and to look at past events and experiences as a measure of that, then, yes, karma does exist. But it does not require anything. Nothing is ever required."


"Such men as tyrants and inquisitors often reincarnate as idiots or imbeciles. They have, on the other side of death, learned to sympathize with and understand the sufferings of their victims. These are sometimes of such an appalling character that their perpetrator's center of imagination becomes disorganized and he is doomed to exist throughout his next incarnation in a state of mental disequilibrium."



Impact and Memory


"When you realize the significance and meaning of the life you have just left, then you are ready for conscious knowledge of your other existences. … What you are begins to include what you have been in other lives, and you begin to make plans for your next physical existence, if you decide upon one."


"The soul must forget all it knows when it chooses to go to Earth for a learning experience. … Once the soul returns home, it remembers everything it knew."

28 - 107

"There have been many lives such as those of the cave dwellers, those of the early Indians, those of the lost-seeming souls that are seldom mentioned, for these are not important lives to the average soul in his particular progress. However, if one were to make a life-to-life experience drawing, he would find that all of these come forth. Each one has been all things at one time or another, even to the lowest of cavemen, even to the highest of the patriarchs."


"Many out here have no more memory of their former lives, before the last one, than they had while in the body. This is not a place where everyone knows everything-far from it."



Partners and Groups


"Oftentimes four of five individuals will set themselves a given challenge, and assign to the various members different parts to play. Then, in a physical existence, the roles will be worked out. … yet this does not mean that you travel through various existences with the same limited and familiar number of friends and acquaintances, merely altered like actors with a change of face or costume."


"towns and villages may also be composed of the past inhabitants of other such towns and villages … as the group tries different experiments."


"Families, friends, sections of nations in the revolving cycle of time reincarnate together very often, as they require the same experiences."


"A soul that, for the first time, enters a material body is, usually, related spiritually to some member of its Group and, so close is its relationship, it may take on the karma of the older soul."



Roles and Gender


"[Gender changes] are necessary. Some individuals alternate their sex in each life. Others have a series of female lives and then a series of male lives … but the entire reincarnational framework must involve both sexual experiences."


"A master who had been cruel to his slaves might become a slave in his turn, and undergo the torments he had inflicted on others. He who has wielded authority may, in a new existence, be obliged to obey those who formerly bent to his will. Such an existence may be imposed upon him as an expiation if he has abused his power."


"We might write a novel together too, and call it `The Growth of a Soul,' and trace its evolution through various incarnations. You and I have been through many together (in different connections, relationships, and sexes); that's why we are so particularly in affinity with one another."


"Discarnate beings …realize that, in connection with birth and death, in the majority of cases the soul which has been a man in one becomes a woman in the next earthly existence."



Affirmations and Denials


Question: Do we re-incarnate again on earth? Answer: "Now that is a question I find difficulty in answering. I have known no one who has. I passed over many years ago, and I have round about me those who lived thousands of years ago on earth. That is all I can say, because my knowledge does not permit me to say more."


"During the earth life, I kept an open mind about this vexed question of what is called reincarnation. … I let it be `till I knew. Well, now I know that it is a fact. It is true."


"Undoubtedly you have heard of reincarnation. We do not recognize it. It seems to us an impossibility, as you understand it."


"I am more than convinced, as I observe stories of effort and success and failure, that the soul needs to `project' some part of Itself back into the denser environment of earth in repeated attempts to master the trials and stresses of those vibrations. But which part of Itself, and whether it is always the same part, is still a mystery."


"Have those in this 'Christ sphere' existed before?" "Yes. They voluntarily come back. That seems to be the point of the universe."


"We are not merely short stories on the pages of earth, we are a serial, and each chapter closes with death. Yet the new chapter develops from those which preceded it, and we pick up the threads, continuing a narrative that has always design and purpose though the purpose may be hidden because human beings, as a rule, are only permitted to study the one life, the one period of their history at a time."


"I am quite clear that those human beings who live almost wholly in the physical sense while on earth, must be reborn in order that they may experience an intellectual and higher form of emotional life."


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