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(Life 'among the Gods', What the whole process is about and where spirits are ultimately headed.)

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"Think of a country side with glens and hills. The rain falls, and gradually trickles down into small streams, which streams gather volume until they enter a brook, which brook in turn enters a river, which in turn enters a larger river and sweeps onward to the sea. Each individual can be compared to an atom in the raindrop The atom retains form and individuality throughout the whole course, from the hill to the sea, and even in the sea it does not lose its individuality. So with us, we move onwards and onwards, always retaining our individuality until we merge into the sea of full understanding, when we become part of the Divinity."


"Life is of two stages-progressive and contemplative. We, who are still progressive, and who hope to progress for countless myriads of ages (as you say), after the farthest point to which your finite mind can reach, we know naught of the life of contemplation. But we believe that far, far in the vast hereafter there will be a period at which progressive souls will eventually arrive, when progress has brought them to the very dwelling-place of the Omnipotent, and that there they will lay aside their former state, and bask in the full light of Deity, in contemplation of all the secrets of the universe."


"Of the distant ages of the hereafter we say nothing, for we know nothing."


"All consciousness is limited by its degree until it evolves into the supreme."


“The truth is that I can attain any perfection that is possible to anybody. In other words, I can come back to God. That is to say, I can be as God.”


Are there worlds in which the spirit, ceasing to inhabit a material body, has no longer any other envelope than the perispirit ? "Yes, and this envelope itself becomes so etherealised that, for you, it is as though it did not exist. This is the state of the fully purified spirits."


"You must not suppose that spirits of the highest order are absorbed in an eternal contemplation [of God], which would be both monotonous and stupid."


In what does the happiness of perfected spirits consist? "In knowing all things; in feeling neither hatred, jealousy, envy, ambition, nor any of the passions that make men unhappy. Their mutual affection is for them a source of supreme felicity. They have none of the wants, sufferings, or anxieties of material life; they are happy in the good they do, for the happiness of spirits is always proportioned to their elevation."


"When souls near that final perfection they once again review not only their past lives but every thought and concept and idea which has touched them, or they it…They finally decide that no stone remains unturned that they have not repaid in some manner or thought or way, and that they therefore have atoned for misdeeds and are ready to join God."


"Lastly comes … the merging of the journeying soul with its spirit. … You enter into timelessness and become one with the Idea behind all life, one with God, one with that portion of His Spirit which has been connected with you in all the planes of existence."


"This merging with the Idea, with the Great Source of spirit does not imply annihilation. You still exist as an individual. You are as a wave in the sea; and you have at last entered into Reality and cast from you all the illusions of appearances."


"The angels of the `Supernal Heavens' … are those pure and comparatively exalted beings who, having advanced beyond the highest sphere of the planet to which they belonged, and attained a very high state of moral and intellectual development, have been admitted into that great and illimitable sphere of progression which lies outside of all other spheres, and in which the greatest conceivable degree of harmony reigns. It is composed of one grand harmonial society, whose members are privileged to go wheresoever they will through the boundless empire of space."


"The return of the soul to the source from which it emanated does not suppose it necessary that the Godhead should absorb it within itself. This would be incompatible with his nature; for while the infinite and numberless parts into which this principle may be resolved does not detract from the power of the Almighty, it adds to his majesty, his glory, and his praise. And as each germ possesses speciality, its separate existence is only in accordance with the nature of his laws, which may be termed Progression."


"Beyond the confines of our spheres, away far off in the illimitable distance of space, far beyond the comprehension even of spirit, we are told is the place where spirit is manifested tangibly. It is in this locality, surrounded by the evidences of that power which is capable of creating every thing which has life, or which is inanimate. Now we are told the glory, the beauty of this sphere, is beyond the comprehension of spirit; that the full flow of spirit is curbed by no material barriers, but gushes forth in one spontaneous stream of love and wisdom. … We are told, too, that there is speciality in spirit, that each one retains the peculiar attributes of his nature, so changed by progression, so altered by its upward course, that it has become a god itself,"

28 - 77

"The oneness that is achieved in eternity is more than can be given to the finite mind."


"Why, do you know that man may become a god-or that which, compared with ordinary humanity, has all the magnitude and grandeur of a god? "Ye are gods," was not said in a merely figurative sense."


"After you experience the Oneness for an infinite time-no time, you will cease to experience it, because you cannot experience the Oneness as Oneness unless and until That Which Is Not One also exists. Understanding this, you will create, once again, the idea and the thought of separation, or disunity. Then you will keep traveling on the Cosmic Wheel, keep going, keep circling, keep on being, forever and ever, and even forever more."


"There never has been and never will be an incarnate or discarnate being who has complete and certain knowledge of the realm of `Divine Things.' "


"All who share this spirit of high endeavor may cross that threshold and, pausing on the edge of the Immensities to gaze backwards, … [but] he hesitates no more when he realizes that somewhere in those farther realms there is waiting for him the key to the universe and the solution of the mystery of its being. There, too, he will find the answer to the whence, the whither, and the why of the myriad stars, the distant nebulae, the vast spaces before the riddle of whose conception human imagination reels, and the soul shrinks back in awe and fear."



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