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In spirit life, communication takes place in the same way as in earth life. The vocal organs vibrate their atmosphere, the tongue moves, the lungs draw air, everything proceeds as it proceeds here on earth, the only difference being that it is all taking place in matter of a much finer structure at a much more rapid rate of vibration.


Question : Does each of you live in a world of your own? Answer: "Everyone does, you do and so do I, but if you mean can each of us see and feel the same thing, I answer 'Yes.' All in the same plane can sense the same things."


"There are the various earth languages spoken here, such as English, French and German, but they are conveyed from mind to mind mentally. Communication takes place mentally from one to another, not only by the spoken word as on earth."


There is a universal language: each and everyone can understand the other. It is inherent. Nationalities generally live together and speak their own language, but there is one language common to all.


"Telepathy operates without distortion in this after-death period, so you must deal with the true relationships that exist between yourself and all relatives and friends who await you."


Without exception, souls who wish to contact each other, especially when on the move, do so by just thinking of the entity they want.


How do spirits hold communication with one another? "They see and comprehend one another. Speech is material; it is a reflex of spirit. The universal fluid establishes a constant communication between them; it is the vehicle by which thought is transmitted, as the air, in your world, is the vehicle of sound. This fluid constitutes a sort of universal telegraph, which unites all worlds, and enables spirits to correspond from one world to another."

12 - 53

"It is true that we are able to think ourselves into any locale to see almost anyone, but…If no one wants to see you, you are not able to intrude on his solitude or other activities. It must be a two-way street."


"We think in universal symbols and need no words in this language or that. Reading is reserved only for those who wish to scan akashic records, which are of course in universal symbols. Writing is the same."


"[We communicate with each other] by words if we wish, or by projecting our thoughts. But there is more privacy, because the thoughts are only projected at will."


"In the spirit-world, too, we can speak by thought, by telepathy; that is how we overcome the difficulty of different languages. This does not mean that I have no privacy of thought, and that my mind is open for all to read. I have to project a thought when I want to communicate it."


"Thoughts, being motions of the mind, assume specific and definite forms, and when distinct in the mind can be clearly perceived and understood by any spirit who is in sympathy with the mind in which they are generated."


"When we focus our thoughts upon some person in the spirit world, whether they be in the form of a definite message, or whether they are solely of an affectionate nature, those thoughts will reach their destination without fail, and they will be taken up by the percipient. … Although we can thus send our thoughts, it must not be assumed that our minds are as an open book for all to read. By no means. We can, if we so will, deliberately keep our thoughts to ourselves."


"I was able to have a word or two with Pierre Curie, even though on earth he was a Frenchman and my French was never fluent. Language affords no difficulty over here; and I yet do not know if I spoke in French or he in English. Or even if, in the earthly sense we "spoke" at all!"


"I find, as time goes by, that I converse more and more by powerful and projected thought than by the moving of the lips."


"He has been over here a long while and he could very easily communicate by thought instead of speech, but he enjoys talking."


"Nations keep their own languages and customs but they are less defined…our sympathies are wider and knowledge of each other fuller. The language barrier begins to be removed because it is so much easier to pass thought between us."



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