(How spirits travel within and between the spirit realms.)

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"We often think of a person or place, and in a moment we are there, and the beauty of it is, we are never attracted where there is no congeniality."


Movement on each [spirit] plane … is just as possible as here on earth; in fact, movement is much more rapid.


"We move from place to place as you do but much more quickly than you can.".


"[Your spirit body] can do anything that you do now in your dreams. Therefore it flies, goes through solid objects, and is moved directly by your will."


"If I were to walk down an astral block in a city or community in the astral world, it would take the same apparent time that it would take you to walk down an equivalent block in your world. This would be so because I would walk … in a very normal manner. … However, if I were to travel from one community to another, then neither the time nor the space consumed in going from one given point to another would be considered. … It is done through the power of will. We have to learn how to will ourself [sic] there. … you have to train yourself in using the power of will, pretty much as when on earth you have to learn to crawl before you can learn to walk."


Do spirits employ any time in transporting themselves through space? "Yes; but their motion is as rapid as that of thought."


"A spirit can…, take cognizance of the distance he passes through, or he can rid himself entirely of the sense of distance. This depends on the spirit's will, and also on his degree of purity."

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"Here there are no barriers, no barricades, no blocks to our free passage. The mind wills where we will be, and there we are."

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"It's the thought that transports us, and since all solid objects on the earth's surface are merely thought forms, we move through them."


How do you folks over there travel? "Well, sometimes we walk, the same as you do. Then, again, we float about in spirit ether, our desires being the propelling power, the very thought fixes a magnetic point of attraction at the destination that leads us thither."


"The spiritually developed soul is enabled to travel and traverse great distances and behold the glories and inhabitants of vast regions in very little time."


"If it is someone on a higher sphere whom I wish to see, that person must share my wish or nothing will come of it. On the other hand, when I wish to see one who is living on a sphere lower than my own, the desire need not be mutual."


"How do I get about? I walk very often, at other times if necessary I generate sufficient power, which I concentrate by effort of will within my body, to take me anywhere with the speed of thought."


"When we desire to be with our friends on earth, we have only to will it, and our desire is instantly gratified. We can visit the spheres below, but not those above us until we are prepared for admission into them by a gradual process of development."


"If we think ourselves into a certain place we shall travel with the rapidity of that thought, and that is as near instantaneous as it is possible to imagine."


"All places are not open to us here. There are many realms where we are not able to enter except in very special circumstances, or only if our state of progression permits. That, however, does not affect the method of locomotion here; it merely restricts us in certain well-defined directions."


"As a rule, I do not walk about as formerly, nor do I fly exactly, for I have never had wings; but I manage to get over space with incredible rapidity. Sometimes, though, I walk."


"So, little energy is required here to move myself about that at first when I started to go a short distance-say, a few yards-I would find myself a mile away. But I am now pretty well adjusted."


"To say baldly that I can be wherever I desire is to give an over-simplified impression. Yet space has indeed become more relative to our consciousness of it. There is a kind of telescoping of near and far."


"In a very short time the soul learns that if can go anywhere - with the speed of thought."



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