Creating & Controlling

(How spirits create and manipulate their realities in the spirit realms and what conditions and restrictions apply.)

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Methods and Material


"There is no dust nor dirt here and everything can be changed in a moment when we will to change it."


"We do not live in a dream world. As I have said, we live in a real, tangible world, though the atoms composing it differ from the atoms which make up your world. Our minds can act on this tangible substance in a way yours cannot do on your world. You live in a world of slower vibrations."


"I have told you that thoughts and emotions form physical reality, and they form the after-death experience. This does not mean that the experiences are not valid, any more than it means that physical life is not valid."


"You still have to earn your way in the astral world … by serving humanity through your individual efforts in helping to create whatever it be of a creative nature. But this is not accomplished by just wishing for things in the astral world, and thus thinking that the force sent out will then materialize them for you. It is not so simple as all that."


"That which you so laboriously take from the earth below, we precipitate from the etheric clouds above."


"Animatical forces are constantly passing through the astral body and replenishing the various divisions of the astral world. They are to us what oxygen is to you. … The minds of the inhabitants are constantly creating and recreating the animatical forces."

12 - 16

"Since thoughts are definitely things, we are the cocreators with God of what we find for ourselves here.


"There's something perpetually rising from you plane; practically invisible-in atoms when it leaves your plane-but when it comes to the ether, it gains certain other qualities round each atom, and by the time it reaches us, certain people take it in hand, and manufacture solid things from it."


"Thought plays a very important part in manufacture here, but ours is not an entirely mental world. We can make things by other processes than thought, if we choose to do so, and many on coming here would not be happy in doing purely mental work."

28 - 60

"Man conceives the idea and thus is able to create from that. The other beings are those which can create by mental image, and thus cause it to manifest in what appears to be space. All the materials or ions are within the atmosphere above them. It is just a matter of conversion."


"The power of thought is almost unlimited in the spirit world, and the greater the power of any particular effort or concentration of thought the greater the results. Our means of personal locomotion here is by thought, and we can apply that same means to what the earth world would call 'inanimate objects'. Of course, in the spirit world nothing is inanimate, and because of this, then our thoughts can have a direct influence upon all the countless things of which the world of spirit is composed."


"It must not be concluded that anyone can move a boat through the water merely by thinking that it shall do so. It requires, like so many other things, the requisite knowledge, its application upon well-ordered lines, and practice in the art."


"He carefully showed me how to create garments such as I desired: To fix the pattern and shape clearly in my mind, to visualize it, and then by power of desire to draw the subtle matter of the thought-world round the pattern, so as actually to form the garment."


"All effect is created by thought, and manifestation is a result of intention.… Newly departed souls learn to monitor their thoughts very carefully, because whatever they think of, they experience."


"We naturally seek out those few to whom we were drawn in that past period … In the creation of our surroundings therefore, of our clothes, of our dwellings and our occupations, we depend to a certain degree on these comrades of ours and we work together in small communities, building up our little worlds, expressing our many unsatisfied human desires in a manner that is at last adequate and sufficient for our needs."


"At first, with the assistance of others, he draws instinctively, from the scenes of earth, building about him, in company with those who were his intimates, the same scenery, the same earth stage. It is, of course, often idealized or darkened by fancy. And herein may be found the key to a vegetative content, to happiness and delight or to strange, sinister and sometimes terrifying dramas."




Waste and Recycling


"It may be asked, what becomes of the objects which are no longer wanted when their makers and owners rise higher and leave them behind? Others who come here may want just those things. But there is with us a process of transmutation or substitution, by which objects may be made finer. It is possible to change the appearance of an object by mental force, entirely altering it without taking it to pieces. This process can be effected by those who have developed on constructive lines."


"While standing within [my house] I was fully aware of its permanence as compared with what I had left behind me. But it was a permanence that I knew I could end; permanent only so long as I wished it to be so."


"The adornments of the home, such as the hangings and upholstery do not ever need renewal, because they do not perish .They endure until we wish to dispense with them for something else."


"These severed flowers will survive their removal for just so long as we wish to retain them. When our interest in them begins to wane they will quickly disintegrate. There will be no unsightly withered remnants, for there can be no death in a land of eternal life."




Creating One's Home


"Here every man's home is an index of his character."


"Our houses are just as we care to make them. Your earth houses first were conceived in your mind and then physical matter was put together to make them as your mind first saw them. Here we have the power to mould etheric matter as we think. So our houses are also the products of our minds. We think and we construct. It is a question of thought vibration, and so long as we retain these vibrations we can hold the object, which during this time is objective to our senses."

12 - 28

"We are able to live in houses of thought forms, or on sunny sloped beside streams, or wherever we like to think of ourselves as being. But they are totally nonessential, since we need no habitation."


"[Homes in the spirit realm] are the abiding places of spirits who gather into them the objects of beauty which they love, and there harmonious spirits come and go, as in earth life. They are as real to them as yours are to you."


"You want to know about our houses? Well, they are built by bricklayers and designed by architects as they would be on earth."


"Both the house and the garden, he told me, were the harvest I had reaped for myself during my earth life. Having earned the right to possess them, I had built them with the aid of generous souls who spend their life in the spirit world performing such deeds of kindness and service to others. .… Frequently this work is undertaken and carried out by those who, on earth, were expert in such things, and who also had a love for it."






"A party of us went boating and rowed for miles. We can materialize boats at will in a few minutes."


"I saw the old hat I used to wear, and I have the first one I materialized here. It looks just as it did then. We materialize from the elements. Everything in the shape of clothing, and we make them in a few moments."

12 - 32

"There is nothing we want that we cannot think into being at this point, except for another body of flesh, for this latter is not ours to command at any instant but a right to be earned."


"On earth he longed for a superior brand of cigar. He can have the experience ad nauseam of smoking this brand. He wanted to play golf, so he plays golf. But he is merely dreaming all the time or, rather, living within the fantasy created by his strongest desires on earth."


"The task of actually constructing a craft is highly technical, and the methods of the spirit world, so entirely different from those of the earth-plane, have to be mastered. Although we must earn the right to possess in the spirit world, we have the aid of our friends in the actual building. We can form in our minds, when on earth, the shape of something we long to have — a garden, a home, or whatever it may be. It will then be a thought-form, and will be converted from that into actual spirit substance by the help of experts."


"Here you think up your clothes, they materialize, and you put them on. When you want to change what you are wearing, you can thought-power off the clothes you have on and create something else. We all tend to wear the kind of things that we enjoy ... Whatever we create remains as objective reality as long as we wish it to."






"Each kingdom of the astral world has been set up by a group of people who were desirous of creating that particular atmosphere. … The trees, the flowers, in fact everything that is there that enhances the beauty of that particular atmosphere was created … through the concentrated thought processes of billions of souls bringing all of these things into manifestation. Thus everything is just as it was intended to be: a replica of that which exists on the earth, but created out of a more sublimated or finer material."


"The united thoughts of the inhabitants of the whole realm will sustain all that grows within it, the flowers, and the trees and the grass, and the water, too, whether of lake, river, or sea — for water is fully alive in the spirit world."


"I have a corner of flowers…I pour Light and Love into them and over them, rather in the same manner as watering and nourishing them; and they answer (or respond) by growing profusely and gloriously golden."



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