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(The differences in experiences between those who die as infants or children and as adults.)

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"The children are watched over and cared for by the most beautiful and motherly spirits who in their earth-life were especially fond of children. These children are educated in every branch of knowledge and those who have special tastes for music, painting, and other accomplishments are given every opportunity to cultivate these talents."


"In talking to these little ones, it was easy to tell those who had had no earth life or experience. They seemed more spiritual, but not so sympathetic and affectionate, as the others who had known a mother's love on earth."


The child who leaves this earth as such grows to manhood or womanhood, and when this stage is reached remains a fully-grown developed man or woman.


Children in the etheric world are carefully cared for and educated; there they have their schools and colleges.


Do children pass at once to a high sphere? "No: the experience of the earth-life cannot so be dispensed with. The absence of contamination ensures a rapid passage through the spheres of purification, but the absence of experience and knowledge requires to be remedied by training and education, by spirits whose special care it is to train these tender souls, and supply to them that which they have missed."


Is the spirit of a child who dies in infancy as advanced as that of an adult? "He is sometimes much more so; for he may previously have lived longer and acquired more experience If such a spirit belongs to a high degree, it is not because he was a child, but because he had achieved that degree of advancement as the result of his previous existences."


What benefit can a spirit derive from his incarnation in a body which dies a few' days after birth? "In such a case, the new being's consciousness of his existence is so slightly developed that his death is of little importance. As we have told you, such deaths are often intended mainly as a trial for the parents."

12 - 77

"The so-called baby needs little reinstruction, but if he had been a physical baby for two or three years, there would be souls here ready to help him adjust psychologically, to bring him out of baby syndrome and into adulthood again."


"Some with great love of children find ample opportunity for the use and enjoyment of this attribute of their natures in the kindergartens for the many thousands of children continually arriving on these shores."


"Here little ones grow up but never become old, for they have no cares and worries nor the pains of a material body to trouble them. Many women here care for these little ones. Some have left children on earth they loved; others, the childless, who love children, look after them. Every child, even if unwanted on earth, can find a loving mother here."


"When a child dies free from sin or impurity, it is taken by spirits of some near relative and conducted to a sphere where It is placed under the teaching of individuals who are specially charged with the education of children, and thus they are taught all the primary knowledge necessary and suitable to their young minds."


"In this [children's] sphere, our new friend told us, there were to be found children of all ages, from the infant, whose separate existence upon the earth-plane had amounted to only a few minutes, or who even had had no separate existence at all, but had been born 'dead', to the youth of sixteen or seventeen years of earth time."


"The mental and physical growth of the child in the spirit world is much more rapid than in the earth world."



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