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(The presence and activities of pets, domestic animals, and wildlife in the spirit realms.)

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"The flowers are full of honey and thousands of little humming birds come and nest in the leaves. they do not lay eggs, but were hatched on earth, then 'died' and came here."


"There is another part of the Spirit World set apart for the use of wild animals that were wild on earth. They still seem afraid of men. Their forest is vast and dense and there are thousands of all kinds of animals that existed on earth. Great monsters that lived thousands of years ago are among them."


"The water is clear a crystal and you see the fish playing about and so tame they come up to the surface to let us stoke them. Yes, our world is full of animal life which has lived on earth."


"For the first time I went to that part of the Spirit World which has been set apart for the use of animals that were wild on earth. This forest is a vast and dense on into which they fly on the approach of man." [Why aren't the hummingbirds there?]


"We went to another part of the Spirit World where there are innumerable islands which are very low and mostly covered with long tall grass and rushes. This is the part of the world for all wild water fowls that lived on earth. You cannot conceive the countless millions of ducks, geese and that class of fowls. Some flew away but many times they just swam off and seemed to watch us with great curiosity. There were low trees and on one side a vast rocky cliff on which were curious looking birds that lived on earth before men."


"No life becomes extinct, but [animals] do not survive in the spirit world, as we term it. They have a spirit world of their own making. They do not exist in a spirit world as man exists. If, however, say a dog has affection for a human being, it can get into his or her surroundings if both have left your earth."


"Only the volitional reasoning creature comes back to its degree as an individual. An amoeba does not come back as an individual. It hasn't the volitional reasoning power, and is absorbed into its degree. Dogs — my dogs are here — they do have fairly high volitional reasoning."


"There is, between the soul of the animals and that of man, as great a difference as there is between the soul of man and God."

12- 66

"Sometimes a faithful pet is so advanced in the physical state that its soul need not return to physical body, but that soul ever remains a canine."


"He hasn't seen any lions and tigers, but he sees horses, cats, dogs, and birds."

28 - 108

"Animals have souls, but they are not that type which becomes a human soul. They have their own realm and universe and purpose."


"We could see scores of the most wonderful birds, whose plumage presented a riot of color. … But all of them were unafraid of us. They seemed to know us, to know that any harm coming to them was an utter impossibility. They did not require to make a constant search for food nor exercise a perpetual vigilance against what on earth would be their natural enemies. They were, like ourselves, part of the eternal world of spirit, enjoying in their way, as we do in ours, their eternal life."


"All the dogs that we've had in our family I can find here-all of them. They are still individualized. However, the dogs that I knew when I was a boy are no longer here...They have gone back to the group soul."



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