Relation of Spirits to the Material Realm

Their Awareness of Us

(The means and extent of the awareness by spirits of the thoughts and actions of people in our world.)

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"… often, when I make a mistake in writing down a word I have mis-heard, I am instantly corrected, although Betty herself is lying below the level of the writing table, on the side opposite my pencil hand, and with her eyes blindfolded. 'Attitude of mind' I once wrote down, and was instantly stopped in mid-sentence. 'No, no!' interrupted Betty, 'Altitude of mind.' "


"… we cannot see you, as you see yourselves, without your physical eyes. Our eyes are for the enduring different kind of body. … Only strainingly do we perceive the material."


"I am with you every day, walk with you and look at the flowers and trees and listen to you talk."


"We see your spirits, which seem like a kind of rainbow shining all over your body and head."


"We cannot see your world until we take on earth conditions. In taking these on, we slow down our vibrations and come through from one plane to another until we get our vibrations down more to a level with those of which your world is composed."


The mind acts on the etheric brain, the etheric brain on the material covering which we call the physical brain. Those who have made the change called death can see our minds at work, and study our etheric brain working under the influence of mind in a way we cannot. The pictures formed by our mind can be seen, and so everything we think can be read by those in the etheric world as easily as we can read a book.


"Those in the astral division are constantly working with and helping those in the material division. If an astral being wishes to enjoy a major sports event such as the World Series of baseball, for instance, he watches it through through the eyes of his loved ones on the physical plane. They are certainly much more aware of you and your activities than you are of them and their activities."


Can you see me? "When you want me to see you, I can see you." Can you tell me what I am thinking? "Only if you want me to know."


Is a spirit ever present at the meetings of his heirs? "Almost always. Providence has so ordained it for the spirit's own instruction, and for the chastisement of selfishness. The deceased is thus enabled to judge of the worth of the protestations of affection and devotion addressed to him during his life and his disappointment on witnessing the rapacity of those who dispute the property he has left is often very great. But the punishment of greedy heirs will come in due time."


"[Spirits] often see what you would gladly hide from yourselves; neither acts nor thoughts can be hidden from them. practically, each spirit sees only those things to which he directs his attention; for he pays no heed to those which do not interest him."

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"We are not all-seeing, all-knowing on this side, and many things are unknown to us on the physical plane unless they penetrate the intelligence of one with whom we work closely."

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"We coexist with the physical beings and they with us, but the essential difference is that they are unaware of us, while we are totally conscious of them."


"Do you know how that a spirit such as I can look right through your bodies? We can see the bones and everything composing your bodies just as well while the bones are in the body as you can when the flesh is removed."


He draw a distinction between the occasions when he actually came to me, and the times when he was en rapport with me without coming to earth. He explained that, in the latter case, he would more easily get my subconscious thoughts, whereas, if present with me, my conscious thoughts would be more easily received by him. He further added that this difference depended upon the condition he assumed; that whereas in his own sphere he was in "the subconscious or all-conscious plane of thought," on coming to earth he changed for the time being into "a conscious plane of thought." The difference, he added, was not easy for me to grasp, but it was very real.


"Thoughts, being motions of the mind, assume specific and definite forms, and when distinct in the mind can be clearly perceived and understood by any spirit who is in sympathy with the mind in which they are generated."


"I listen to your conversation with your friends or visitors ; but the advanced spirits never witness any act of man which is improper to be noticed by any other person, that is, any necessary or proper act of life."


"Music on earth is much enjoyed on this side...Of all earthly things, sound reaches most directly into this plane of life."


"There is a privacy around all people on earth which cannot be violated. Those of us in the astral world are not allowed to go around and see what is going on in a person's life unless we are called to do so by that person."


"It is seldom that a dweller on earth becomes fully visible to us. It is as rare a happening as for you to see a ghost."



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