Relation of Spirits to the Material Realm

How They Communicate With Us

(The methods, requirements, and difficulties of spirit communication with those in our world.)

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"I have seen many [Native American] Indians and they often visit among the white race and control at séances. The reason is because having lived in a simple way and in the open air a great deal their bodies and spirits are more charged with magnetism."


"The higher and more developed we become the less are we in touch with your world."


"Those who have passed through the second death … do not often come and speak to you on earth directly … but they can pass their messages on to me or someone in my plane and we pass them on to you."


"[Spirits] who are nearest to the earth, in the three lower spheres or states of being [can] converse most readily with you. Of the higher spirits, those who are able to return are they who have what is analogous to mediumistic power on earth. … we higher spirits find it very difficult to find a medium through whom we can communicate. Many spirits would gladly converse, but for the want of a suitable medium."


"A body wasted by fasting is not in any way profitable, but neither is a body which is clogged and loaded by over-indulgence. Temperance and moderation are what help us [to communicate]."


"Souls [in Summerland] frequently communicate with earth when they are in a state almost analogous to the earth sleep. They will then endeavour to describe their memory world."


"One reason why we have found it so easy to get into touch with each other is because we are both psychic."


"In communicating, the spirit-message comes first from the spirit, who has to concentrate to give it to the control … who has to impress it on the medium's brain to such an extent that the nerves and muscles of the mouth and tongue of the medium will respond to the action of the brain, and will speak the message as it has been given. I often think it wonderful how much does come through, when one realizes the many difficulties. The bias of the medium's mind, impressions from the sitter's subconscious self, unconscious telepathy from other minds, and so forth, all have to be taken into consideration."


"As there are no words in the human language in which spiritual ideas may be embodied so as to convey their literal and exact signification, we are obliged ofttimes to have recourse to the use of analogisms and metaphorical modes of expression."


"There is no difficulty in reading the mind without articulating words. Thought is articulation ; it exists before the words are formed. And it is this interior thought we get at, not mere words of thought."


"I have discovered that I can use telepathy both ways, to receive and to relay. There are not the difficulties here that we experienced on the earth...I am already able to contact your mind, and what is more important, to hold that contact so as to pour ideas out to you!"


"There are Stations on this plane where communication with the earth plane is possible…The technique employed, I understand, is quite "special" and very difficult at first to follow, even by those who desire to use it. But there are Stations, there are Directors for this work, there are administrators and (in a sense) technicians to run them."


"In this communion between the outer and inner worlds, you in the outer world are apt to think that we in ours know everything. You expect us to prophesy like fortune-tellers, and to keep you informed of what is passing on the other side of the globe. Sometimes we can; generally we cannot."


"When we seek to communicate with men we pass on to a different level of consciousness and can only do so by slowing down our processes of thought. It is not, to me, in any way distressing to do so for if I may compare the experience with earthly ideas, I would describe it as a passing from active life into a still, sleepy world which resembles, in its anaesthetising qualities, the high noon of an English summer's day when the sun shines and the air is heavy with unshed rain."

ber 11-12



Content and Purposes


"Spirits do not come to overthrow religion, as is sometimes asserted; they come, on the contrary, to confirm and sanction it by irrefutable proofs. But, as the time has arrived to renounce the use of figurative language, they speak without allegories, and give to every statement a clear and precise meaning that obviates all danger of false interpretation."


"If mortals desire the companionship of spirit-friends merely for purposes of material gain, it does not, of course, do either of them much good; but when love is the motive and mutual help the desire, it is good for both, for helping others is the way of progress."


"We are not, for good and wise ends, which in due time will be fully explained, permitted to reveal all our knowledge to those below us, as the consequences of such a procedure would be perilous to the happiness of all, and subversive of order."


"I will briefly call your attention to a few of the most prominent among the beneficial results which will flow from spiritual intercommunion. … It will reduce the fact of the immortality of the human spirit to a certainty, so that the world's knowledge of the fact will not be the result of a blind faith, but a positive philosophy. .… It will expand and liberalize the mind far beyond your present conceptions. It will fraternize and unite all the members of the human family in an everlasting bond of spiritual union and harmonial brotherhood. It will establish the principles of love to God and your fellows. It will do away with sectarian bigotry. It will show that many of the so-called religious teachings are but impositions on the credulity of mankind, being founded on the grossest absurdities and palpable ignorance of the nature of things. It will give man higher and infinitely more exalted views of God, and bring him into closer communion with the Author of his being. … In fine, it will be a help to the soul in the hour of its adversity, and enable it to bear up under affliction with noble and heroic fortitude; and, when about to launch its barque on the river of eternal life for the fair and beautiful land of promise, it will be its stay and sheet-anchor."


"We rarely say any thing about your personal affairs. We can not judge more correctly of the consequences of your acts in life than can you."


"The object of spirit-intercourse is to purify and elevate the nature of man, and one great feature of these revelations is to disabuse the mind of errors, which have been engrafted on their hearts, as the results of an overweening faith in the doctrines erroneously inculcated as of God, and as found in the Bible."


"What, indeed, is the object of this new revelation? It is that man has not been taught his true relation even to the life he now enjoys, or his connection with that other state of existence beyond the grave. … Death is the continuance of life; it is life without the restraints imposed upon it by the limits of a single planet. Now, though it is important that the designs of life should be investigated and understood, it certainly is of as much importance that that life in its continuance should be perfectly appreciated, for the one is of short duration, and the other is for eternity."

ber 11-12



Obstacles and Distortions


She [Betty] constantly complained of the dilution caused by this transfer. What reached the paper was, according to her, but an unsatisfactory pale shadow of the actuality.


Are merely personal communications deterrent to your scheme? "The conditions on both sides are so inexplicable that satisfactory communication seems sometimes to decrease instead of progress, owing to … scattering of concentration on really important subjects. … Much trouble and muddling results from indiscriminate communication."


They tell us that we are not yet educated to comprehend fully what they might tell us, and that we would interpret it into our own earth concepts. The result would be a distortion.


"If mortals would only give their friends a chance they would be only too happy to return and make themselves known. But, alas, how few do it."


"I was telling some [other] spirits about these séances here, how that spirits could here converse with people of earth, and one man told me that such talk as that and such an idea was all foolishness."


"I'm not going to tell you that you were "Boadicea," "Cleopatra," "Helen of Troy," or any other famous or infamous female of past history, as I sometimes hear spirit-wags telling other women, for they make fun sometimes at the expense of those on earth if they are vain or gullible."


"The dead in their way are jealous of their freedom, and sometimes their communications take the form of hasty, `Yes, I'm all right' messages, shouted over a mental shoulder. Some people forget to send letters when they travel, caught up as they are in new experiences. Similarly, the dead are so involved in their own adventures that sometimes they ignore the nagging of the living, whose thoughts rise up like mental kites with reminders, saying, `Why haven't you written?' "


"I suggested that perhaps I could go back to the earth-plane and tell others of this new life and the truth of communication between the two worlds. Many, many people, he said, had tried, and were still trying, to do so, and how many were believed? Did I think that I should have any better fortune? Certainly none of those who read my books would ever come within miles of receiving or crediting any communication from me. And did I realize, also that if I were to present myself to such people they would at once call me a 'devil', if not the very Prince of Darkness himself!"


"No two mediums seem able to make contact with the same person with any certainty. This is because differences in development, in astral make-up, and in thought affinities are translated for us into actual differences in space."



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