Relation of Spirits to the Material Realm

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(Fixation on, longing for, or focus on the physical realm by spirits.)

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"A number of spirits do live and spend most of their time near the earth, but they are the very unprogressed and find their pleasures in mingling with mortals."


"Earth-bound spirits retain much of their earthy passion and propensity. The cravings of the body are not extinct, though the power to gratify them is withdrawn. The drunkard retains his old thirst, but exaggerated; aggravated by the impossibility of slaking it. It burns within him, the unquenched desire, and urges him to frequent the haunts of his old vices, and to drive wretches like himself to further degradation. In them he lives again his old life, and drinks in satisfaction, grim and devilish, from the excesses which he causes them to commit. And so … the earth-bound spirit lives again its life of excess in the excesses of those whom it is enabled to drive to ruin."


"The spirits who are antagonistic to us are massed together in great force whenever any occasion is offered for them to operate successfully on men who are gathered together for the purpose of gratifying their bodily passions."


"Some are so overly fond of the bodies they left behind that they are scarcely able to wait for an opportunity to form another body and set to work indulging it."


"Drunks on this side hover around the earth souls who drink too much, lusting after the pleasures of alcoholism and unable to break the bond of habit which binds them to physical body."


"The only thing I miss is the use of the five senses in the obstructed universe for the expression of my love for people who are still there. … I miss your response. And that is all."


"He wants to go back and fly in an airplane. I tell him that he can fly here without one, but that does not seem to be the same thing to him. He wants to get his fingers on machinery."


"Oh, the terrible curiosity to go back and look upon that thing which we once believed to be ourselves! The thought comes to us now and then so powerfully that it acts in a way against our will and draws us back to it…It is so easy to look into the coffin, because the body which we wear now is itself a light in a dark place, and it can penetrate grosser matter."


"There are souls here who are homesick for the earth. They sometimes go back almost at once, which is generally a mistake."


"The heavens above your head now are literally swarming with souls who long to take a hand in the business of earth, souls who cannot let go, who find the habit of managing other people's affairs a fascinating habit, as enthralling as that of tobacco, or opium."


"The lower astral planes also contain people who have been alcoholics or drug addicts, who find these cravings still with them in the astral bodies. They stay near the earth to be near alcoholics or drug addicts who are still in the physical body, in order to participate vicariously in the sensations which alcohol and drugs give."


"There are weak, malicious spirits here…When emotional disturbances accompany development they are attracted and will attach themselves so as to influence the person [on earth] in wrong ways and to accentuate the suffering of both mind and body."


"And we will generally stay here, I am told, until the people we care about on the earth plane have either come here or. somehow we are no longer concerned about them. As long as there is anyone on the earth plane that we care about and think we can help — we have all the time there is. And then we go on to the next one. But we are in no hurry."



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