Relation of Spirits to the Material Realm

Ability To Affect Us

(The ways in which spirits can cause changes or effects in our world.)

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Process and Method


"Advanced spirits influence the thoughts, suggest ideas, furnish means of acquiring knowledge, and of communicating it to mankind. The ways by which spirits so influence men are manifold. They have means that you know not of by which events are so arranged as to work out the end they have in view."


"Those who are most congenial to our purpose, and whose co-operation we most desire, are usually so hampered by preconceived theological notions, or are so fearful of what seems to contradict some things which they have learned, that we are unable to influence them."


"Sometimes we find those who need material aid in the mortal, and then we induce or try to induce someone having the ability to aid the needy ones."


"So far as friends refrain from that attempt to compel us, we are able to help them more and more; for we can get closer and closer to them."


"Undeveloped souls are not devils in any other sense than a bad man on earth may be termed `a devil.' No such unprogressed person has power over us or over you. Evil thoughts and habits might invite such a one but, even so, he cannot control you further than you may choose to act in accordance with his suggestions."


"I like your keeping my photograph on your mantel as you do; it helps me to come. There is a great power in a photograph."


"The power of the so-called dead to influence the living is immense, provided that the tie of sympathy has been made."


"We are just as much morally obligated to help our brothers on earth when we are without a physical body as we were within a physical body."




Inspiration and Innovation


"We took our seats in the hall where a lecture on electricity … They were discussing the subject as applied to moving of trains. It will be impressed on the brain of some inspired man on earth who will work it out there."


"You know the Spiritual world was once as ignorant as the earth and that the two worlds are progressing together only this is always ahead of yours, trying to impress your world."


"When engineers come here whose minds are bent upon engineering, and who may not be ready to take up another line of study or work, they continue experimenting in a limited way, especially with electrical engineering. They are sometimes able to discover certain things which they then endeavour to impress upon the minds of suitable people on earth."


"Spirit-guides try literally to inspire those on earth. This does not mean in religious matters only; it applies to art, science, engineering, medicine, or any other subject."


"The laboratories of the world of spirit are many decades in advance of those of the earth-plane. And it will be years before many revolutionary discoveries are allowed to be sent through to the earth world, because the earth has not yet sufficiently progressed."


"Some of our artists try to impress their pictures upon the mental eyes of the artists of earth, and they often succeed in doing so."


"There are lovely lyrics composed out here and impressed upon the receptive minds of earthly poets."






"Some spirits who have had a good deal of experience are able to make their bodies in a second and can appear to earth people, as at seances, all at once. Others have to begin slowly to collect the elements and the first appearance is a faint luminous cloud as thin as smoke. Of course what earth people then see are only the elements as collected and "materialized" in the spirit's form, not his real spirit."


"We can, at will, take on earth conditions by lowering our vibrations. Our bodies become heavier and more perceptible to the human eye, which accounts for our being seen at times by those who have the faculty on earth of sensing our vibrations."


"Having disposed of the external mechanism of flesh, we cannot come into direct contact with physical matter, but we are able, through the sphere of the medium, when natural conditions are complied with, not only to communicate our thoughts and wishes to our friends, but to move solid, ponderable bodies."




Promoting Spirituality


"There is now going on all over the Spirit World a most determined effort to force the truth on the minds of the educated men of all denominations and a great convention was held here last week to try to give the spiritual movement on earth a new impetus."


"Here we have different avocations assigned to us according to our needs and desires. … Some are most happy in endeavoring to assist the friends of earth into higher and better conditions and in counteracting the abnormal influences of undeveloped and misdirected spirits over the minds of mortals."


"The spirit world works constantly to make its power and force and presence felt by the whole earth world, not only in personal matters, but through individuals into a wider sphere for the good of nations and national policies. But so little can be done, because the door is usually closed to the higher beings of the spirit world, whose range of vision, and whose wisdom and knowledge and understanding are vast."



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