Relation of Spirits to the Material Realm

How Affected By Us

(The extent to which our thoughts, prayers, and actions can affect the spirits.)

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"We know when you think of us, for when you put your mind earnestly on us and long for our presence, we are made aware of it instantly by means of something like a fine electric current."


"Mamma, I do not have one minute of unhappiness except when you are sad."


Are spirits affected by the remembrance of those whom they have loved on earth? "Very much more so than you are apt to suppose. If they are happy this remembrance adds to their happiness; if they are unhappy, it affords them consolation."

12 - 61

" Prayers do indeed help all of us here. We strongly feel the vibrations for good that those yearning, loving prayers provoke."


"It took me some time to realize the beauty of my surroundings, as my eyes were blinded by the sorrow which my going had caused on earth. The grief of my people kept me so sad at first that I was not able to see or think of anything but earthly sorrow. That is why grief for departed friends and relatives is so wrong, and is so harmful, both to those on earth and to those who come over. The longer that grief continues and the more hopeless it is, the more those mourned for are kept to earth."


"It is almost impossible for us to help some spirits, as they have no desire to be different or better than they have always been. Prayer by those still on the earth is the only thing which can help them. It will give them a desire for better things."


"When we speak of being worried or unhappy about things on earth you must not suppose that we ourselves are made unhappy. Certainly we are sorry, but nothing happening on earth can make us unhappy in the life yonder."


"Some have talked about `holding us back' it is not possible for you to hold us back; but we may be saddened and disappointed, which would, to some small degree, lessen our happiness."


"Dire calamities of the earth-plane necessitate the building of more and ever more halls of rest in the spirit world.


"Prayers and good thoughts…could be likened to a draft of healing water for the newly transmitted soul."


"Do not feel weak or uncertain, for when you do you drag me back to earth by force of sympathy. It is as bad as grieving for the dead."


"You cannot have a thought or an idea about a person who is what you call `deceased' without that person's Essence becoming completely aware of it."

er 11-12


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