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(The extent and role of male and female orientations and functions in the spirit realms.)

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"[Gender changes] are necessary. Some individuals alternate their sex in each life. Others have a series of female lives and then a series of male lives … but the entire reincarnational framework must involve both sexual experiences." {Who made this rule?}


I am repeatedly told that the soul is androgynous, and yet, in the same breath, clients declare sex is not an unimportant factor. I have learned all souls can and do assume male and female mental impressions toward other entities as a form of identity preference.


Truly advanced souls have balanced gender preferences in their physical life choices.


"A man is still a man and a woman is still a woman in every sense of the word. You absolutely retain every component part of the human anatomy."


"If you were to make the statement that no mortal love can equal the pure joy that is experienced during "union" in the higher planes, you would be coming somewhat close to the truth, although it is not strictly "sexual" in the sense that the average mortal would understand the term."


"If you define sex as the gratification of lust, there is no sex here because there is no lust."


"Those of us who have lived on Earth or elsewhere usually consider ourselves as male or female in our own thoughts. We can project our image to another soul in that form. But we have no gender, not really."


Have spirits sex? "Not as you understand sex; for sex, in that sense, depends on the corporeal organization. Love and sympathy exist among them, but founded on similarity of sentiments."


Does the affection which two spirits have felt for each other upon the earth always continue in the spirit-world? "Yes, undoubtedly, if that affection were founded on sympathy; but, if physical causes have had more share in it than sympathy, it ceases with those causes."


"Although no such institution as marriage exists here, the melding of souls is infinitely more sublime."


"Here, as we told you, there is no sex act since there are no sexes, but we are able to meld with those we love to such a degree that the union is far more perfect than in physical form."


"The beauty of physical mating is not lost, but intensively increased in the spiritual realm."


This spiritual passion sounds almost erotic to me. "Of course, but it is so much more. … The rapture we feel for each other comes from all our contact together in hundreds of lives combined with memories of the blissful state we spend reunited between lives."


"There are men here, and there are women here, I don't think that they stand to each other quite the same as they did on the earth plane, but they seem to have the same feeling to each other, with a different expression of it."


"Yes, there is sex. But it is not like it is there. It is not physical, of course, but actually there is less limitation. It is more obviously like what sex really means. Here you actually can enter the whole person. It is like you are in fact merging—becoming one."


" In this sphere … women do not bear children, though the illusion of sexual passion may be experienced as long as it is the soul's desire. The woman possesses an etheric body so framed that it can serve her as the material shape served her various purposes, wishes, and appetites on earth.."


"In that which relates to mind and soul, there is neither male nor female, but all are one in God.."



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