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(How and family ties and friendships [and antagonisms] carry over from one realm to the next, and how new relationships are forged.)

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Spouses and Lovers


"You may find after death a much stronger relationship emotionally with a personality from a past life. If you are married, for example, and have no true rapport with your mate, you may find a past wife or husband waiting for you."


I asked whether the marriage ties were perpetuated. "That depends entirely on similarity of taste and equality of development. In the case of this being attained, the spirits can progress side by side. … The union of soul with soul which in the body has been a source of support and assistance is developed and increased after the spirit is free. The loving bonds which encircle such souls are the greatest incentive to mutual development, and so the relations are perpetuated, not because they have once existed, but because in the eternal fitness of things they minister to the spirit's education. In such cases, the marriage tie is perpetuated, but only in such sort as the bond of fellowship between friends endures, and is strengthened by mutual help and progress."


"We could not obtain really close union with any spirit unless the intelligence be absolutely on the same mental and progressive plane. [However,] Soul may be linked with soul in bonds of affection, without any intimate connection such as we mean by being on the same plane of development. Love unites spirits at whatever distance."


"with us union means identity of development, community of interest, mutual and affectionate progression. We know no such indissoluble ties as exist with you."


"Let us say that you have married three women on the earth plane and that you have three wives. They are all in the spirit world. Now when you come over here, which one are you going to go to? You may not go to any of them, … all four of you may have grown in completely divergent directions … However, you will visit with all three of them from time to time."


Does the affection which two spirits have felt for each other upon the earth always continue in the spirit-world? "Yes, undoubtedly, if that affection were founded on sympathy; but, if physical causes have had more share in it than sympathy, it ceases with those causes."


"There is no such thing as any special and fated union between any two souls."

12 - 95

"What is meant by a twin soul? It is nothing more than a melding together of two souls through deep affinity, where each feels strengthened by the proximity of the other."


"I found also that my own condition of spirituality and that of my second wife are so nearly congenial that she and I can harmonize together in the same home over here; and therefore she and I will be united here as on earth. I have met my first wife and find that she is in harmony with other conditions just suited to her case, and that she is entirely satisfied that it is so, leasing no unpleasant regrets with either of us."


"As regards the institution of marriage, I would observe that on earth it is a civil contract, entered into by two persons, male and female, mutually or otherwise, as the case may be, for and during the term of their natural lives, but which is legally annulled on the demise of either party; so that whether or not it be renewed in the spiritual world, is determined by choice, not obligation. Celestial marriage, however, is … a true and indissoluble bond of spiritual union."


"The marriage contracted in this world loses its binding power in the spirit world, yet may endure if mutually desired. If a husband has had several wives, or a wife several husbands, the tie endures only between the most congenial pair."


"Now whether one male is formed for another female and they twain go hand in hand through the various stages of eternity, I cannot say, but reasoning from what I know, I should say. No. For in one stage of existence the affinities which attract male to female, and otherwise, might act as a repellant in another stage. Besides, when the soul leaves the body, it might be attracted by its affinities to some part of the universe where the mate of this soul would not—could not follow."


"There does seem to be a good deal of mating and rejoining of former mates. The sex distinction is as real here as on the earth, though, of course, its expression is not exactly the same."


"He may learn that really, essentially, fundamentally, he does not `belong' to either of these women. The souls out here seem to belong to themselves, and after the first few years they get to love liberty so much that they are ready to yield a little of their claim upon others."


"As the Bible says, there are no marriages in heaven, but the bonds of true love and affection we have had with people on earth still remain. These ties draw us together here-to share, to love and to BE."


"There is…no sense of possession in even the more intimate relationship."




Family and Friends


We will find our friends and homes and live with those most congenial, a person under a natural law of attraction drifting to his proper sphere and surroundings.


"The children are watched over and cared for by the most beautiful and motherly spirits who in their earth-life were especially fond of children. These are entirely orphans, as we call them, or children whose parents are still on earth, but who will take them home when they themselves come over."


"Just as we live in surroundings suitable to our mental development, so we also attract to ourselves minds of the same type as our own. Like attracts like in this world."


"We can sit down together and enjoy each other's company just as you can on earth."


The family tie unites again those whom affection held together on earth.


"Telepathy operates without distortion in this after-death period, so you must deal with the true relationships that exist between yourself and all relatives and friends who await you."


"There is no rule saying that in each life you must meet again those whom you have known before; and yet, through the nature of attraction, that is often the case."


"Oftentimes four of five individuals will set themselves a given challenge, and assign to the various members different parts to play. Then, in a physical existence, the roles will be worked out. … yet this does not mean that you travel through various existences with the same limited and familiar number of friends and acquaintances, merely altered like actors with a change of face or costume."


"New relationships are always encouraged, however, for you can have ingrown reincarnational 'families.' "


"If one [friend or relative] is further advanced, and progresses more rapidly than the other, they cannot remain together: they may see one another occasionally, but they can only he definitively reunited when he who was behind is able to keep pace with him who was before."


"Those who are fond of you never go too far to come back to you - sometimes too far to communicate, never too far to meet you when you pass over."


"Close friends meet quickly, if upon the same sphere. But if one is on a lower sphere, his friends may not know of his arrival there."


"Yet individuals united by the ties of consanguinity are not always linked together, even here, by the golden chain of love and benevolent affection, since it not infrequently happens that there is much more harmony existing among those who are not members of the same family. Notwithstanding that persons who were intimately acquainted with each other in the natural world, and those who are akin, may be and often are separated, sometimes for long periods, still they do occasionally meet together."


"Spirits visit much, and it seems as much a part of their lives to visit their friends, as it is faithfully to I perform their other obligations. Thus they visit their friends in the sphere to which they belong, or the sphere below them."


"The meetings with relations and friends are something that must be experienced in order to grasp the full significance and joy of reunion. Such meetings will only take place where there is mutual sympathy and affection."




Miscellaneous Ties and Bonds


"You may or may not be greeted by friends or relatives … you may be far more interested in people that you have known in past lives that those close to you in the present one."


"If you hate another person, that hate may bind you to him through as many lives as you allow the hate to consume you."


"Oftentimes four of five individuals will set themselves a given challenge, and assign to the various members different parts to play. Then, in a physical existence, the roles will be worked out. … yet this does not mean that you travel through various existences with the same limited and familiar number of friends and acquaintances, merely altered like actors with a change of face or costume."


"The succession of their corporeal existences establishes among spirits a variety of relationships which date back from their former existences. … In your neighbor, or in your servant, may be incarnated some spirit who has formerly been united to you by the closest ties of consanguinity or of affection"


"Souls which once avoided each other like poison ivy on earth become devoted partners here, after each has gone through this cleansing experience of smoothing out the rough spots of his manner and behavior and conduct."


"Many people have servants, but they are old servants who are attached to them, and who are not spiritually and mentally ready to emancipate themselves for other work here; so they may live for years in pleasant companionship with their masters and mistresses before they evolve on definite lines of their own."


"Great organizations exist to help every single soul who is living in [the lower realms] to rise out of them into the light."


"Did you suppose that no one quarreled here? Many do. There are even long-standing feuds among them."


"This plane is so full of different people, so many different people, that one must learn tolerance very quickly. Otherwise you meet someone and, if you are not tolerant toward them, you are immediately consumed by annoyance and your spiritual body becomes upset. You can get mental indigestion."



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