Cultural Divisions

(Geopolitical, religious, ethnic, and racial integrations and segrations.)

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"Yes, the Spirit world surrounds yours on all sides, like the atmosphere does the globe, and every nation has it counterpart in spirit, surrounding it, in connection with that part over or nearest its earthly place of residence."


"Each kingdom of the astral world has been set up by a group of people who were desirous of creating that particular atmosphere. … The trees, the flowers, in fact everything that is there that enhances the beauty of that particular atmosphere was created … through the concentrated thought processes of billions of souls bringing all of these things into manifestation. Thus everything is just as it was intended to be: a replica of that which exists on the earth, but created out of a more sublimated or finer material."


"The Chinese people resemble very much their earthly bodies and their faces have the same almond eyes and flat noses, and they dress for all the world like they did on earth. In fact, I believe every nation, when its people first pass over, keep the same characteristics that marked them on earth."


"I have seen many [Native American] Indians and they often visit among the white race and control at séances. The reason is because having lived in a simple way and in the open air a great deal their bodies and spirits are more charged with magnetism. Some of them dress like we do, only in very bright colors, but many take pride in dressing as they did on earth."


There is a universal language: each and everyone can understand the other. It is inherent. Nationalities generally live together and speak their own language, but there is one language common to all.


"I have traveled a great deal in spirit life, and I find spirits live as they did on earth. The Hollander does not change his odd dress or his quaint ways for something that would appear more modern to the Anglo-Saxon visitor. I have often seen the picturesque Swiss homes in spirit life. The Indian villages are here just as on earth, and Red Feather has even treated me to a ride on his pony, and I, in return, took him to a Chinese home. So I find that different nations have different ideas of what constitutes the beautiful in their spirit homes, the same as they had in earth life."


"Yes, people here live in "sets" or "colonies," because those of like interests and nationalities gravitate naturally to each other, and to their own people. Otherwise, one can imagine, it would not be very happy if you found yourself mixed up with people of every nationality, with dissimilar tastes and experiences, and with nothing in common between you, for the fact of dying does not change you in any way."



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The Transition - T

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    • Destinations - T3

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    • Greeters & Guides - T5

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Conditions/Environment - C

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    • Time - C5

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Particular Populations - P

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    • Stillbirths & Abortions - P2

    • Aliens/Non-Earthlings - P3

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Mind & Body - B

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Operating/Functioning - F

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    • Traveling - F2

    • Creating & Controlling - F3

Social Aspects - S

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     • Personal Relations - S2

     • Race & Ethnicity - S3

     • Status & Competition -S4

     • Government & Authority - S5

     • Trade & Money - S6

Activities - A

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   •  Work & Study - A2

    • Entertainment & Art - A3

    • Sports & Games - A4

    • Gatherings & Celebrations- A5

    • Leisure & Hobbies - A6

Relation to Material Realm - R

     • Awareness of - R1

     • Communicating with - R2

     • Attraction to - R3

     • Ability to Affect - R4

     • How Affected by Us - R5

Soul Development - D

    • Birth/Creation - D1

    • Oversouls & Groups - D2

    • Choosing the Physical - D3

    • Reincarnation - D4

    • Advancement/Progress - D5

    • Apotheosis - D6

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