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(How decisions, rules, and laws are made and enforced in the spirit realms. )

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My informants were insistent on the point that with them discipline was rigid and all had to obey those in authority. Everyone is under the authority of higher spirits whose laws and instructions must be carefully obeyed. It is a well ordered and well governed state.


"Spirits, good and bad alike, are subject to the rule of commanding Intelligences."


"The authority of spirits over one another, in virtue of their relative superiority, is very great, and gives to the higher ones a moral ascendancy over the lower ones which is absolutely irresistible."


"There is no reward for behaving correctly here in spirit, because there is nothing to tempt us otherwise."


"This plane, and all planes, I am told, is governed by law-nature's law, the same as yours-and it is the privilege and duty of every one to develop the spirit by study and helping others."


"Everything is governed by law; nothing happens by chance; cause and effect are as potent in the spirit plane as in the earth plane."


"Discussion along general lines brings out new ideas. We have discussions the same as you have, but we have no politics."


"There is a government, but not one which limits and restricts; it is more in the nature of an inquiry bureau to which one can apply for advice and guidance when needing it. There will be an area which corresponds in general to a county. In this is one of these bureaux. It is managed by a band of experienced people who have been here for some considerable time, and who do not belong wholly to our sphere, but return periodically for work. They know exactly where the newly arrived are most likely to make mistakes."


"There is a law which acts automatically; should a thing not be right for us, it could not happen on our sphere, even though we tried by thought to bring it about. So that, if it does not come to pass, we are not disappointed, knowing that its happening would interfere with higher and more important plans."

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"In the spheres, the decisions of those whose authority is intuitively evident in moral or legal questions meet with acquiescence."


"Our laws are meted out in the scale of exact justice, from whose awards there is no appeal. Punishments are but the natural consequences of violated laws; being invariably commensurate with offences, and have reference as well to the reformation of the offender, as to the prevention of future crime."


In your government, do your little communities band together and form larger ones, over which, also, there are governors, and so on, like system upon system of worlds? " Circle within circle, winding spirally upward, until it centers in one ruler over all."


"The government is patriarchal, and the head of a sphere is a spirit invisible, who communicates his wishes to those higher spirits by absolute oral statements, or by impression."


Are beings truly self-governing at the higher levels? "Not on an individual basis, for as they reach the higher levels there is more of a communal governing or a governing by general consent, so that it is not an individual thing or an I-am-my-own law."



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