The Transition

Sensations & Emotions

(The sensory impressions and feelings experienced during and closely following death.)

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"When you die — as you call it — your spirit body is really born. It begins to rise from your natural body at your breast, just over the heart, and it forms like a luminous vapor while you are 'dying' until the last moment, when your heart ceases to beat. Then you are standing on your old body with your feet upon its breast, and you open your eyes and see a crowd of relatives and friends waiting to greet you and accompany you to some of their homes. They tell you are in the Spirit World but you cannot believe it."


"The kinds of deaths have much to do with the development of the consciousness itself, and its overall characteristic method of handling experience."


"In many cases, immediately upon leaving the body there is a recognition of the situation. The body itself may be viewed, for example, and many funerals have a guest of honor amidst the company - and no one gazes into the face of the corpse with as much curiosity and wonder."


Souls often have little interest in what happens to their bodies once they are physically dead. However, many other souls want to hover around the place where they died for a few Earth days, usually until after their funerals. Soul entities appreciate the respect given to the memory of their physical life by surviving relatives and friends.


"The body often suffers more during life than at the moment of death, when the soul is usually unconscious of what is occurring to the body. The sensations experienced at the moment of death are often a source of enjoyment for the spirit, who recognizes them as putting an end to the term of his exile."


How does a spirit regard the body he has just quitted? "As an uncomfortable garment that hampered him, and that he is delighted to be rid of."

12 - 27

"The lightness, the freedom from restraint, the heavenly elixir of being without the heavy flesh was beyond description. What a relief!"


"To human beings, death should seem as a night at an inn, as a halt on the long road home. It may be a night of feverish insomnia, or heavy with fear; a night full of strange dreams, or a period of almost undisturbed peace. Always there is, contained in it, a time of stillness, of sinking gloriously into rest. Nevertheless, the soul eventually wakens, to a new day."


"The average man or woman when he or she is dying suffers no pain. They have become so dissevered already from the body that when the flesh seems to be in agony the actual soul merely feels very drowsy and has a sensation of drifting hither and thither, to and fro, like a bird resting on the wind."


"I had been struck by a shell splinter. There was no pain. The life was knocked out of my body … It was as if I had been running hard until, hot and breathless, I had thrown my overcoat away. The coat was my body, and if I had not thrown it away I should have been suffocated."


"The last physical sensation that I recall was one of falling, but I had no fear-it seemed so natural. At the same time I heard voices speaking words of encouragement, voices that I recognized as those of loved ones that I thought dead. For a time I had no recollection. Then I awoke in this spirit sphere, and never will I forget the joy that was mine. I found myself, saw my body, which appeared as usual, except lighter and more ethereal."


"Dissolution is simply the throwing aside of the physical garment, the outer covering composed of flesh compounds, whereupon the individual becomes an inhabitant of another sphere of usefulness, differing only in its intensity."


"Having approached the portals of death, [the human] disrobes himself of the exterior form as he would put away a worn-out garment. The gross and cumbrous physical machine, which was given for the purpose of developing his more beautiful and excellent spiritual body, and of bringing him into more immediate relationship with the outward world, can serve his purposes no longer."


"Many people who have "died" do not believe it - because they do not have the experience of being dead."


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