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"A number of spirits do live and spend most of their time near the earth, but they are the very unprogressed and find their pleasures in mingling with mortals."


"We that come back to you live in the second sphere, but it extends a great distance from the earth."


"The spheres nearest the earth [revolve with it] because we belong to this planet."


"These after-death environments do not take up space, so the question, "Where does all this happen?" is meaningless These environments exist unperceived by you amid the physical world."


"Spirits sympathize with masses of men as they sympathize with individuals. They go to the region of the earth with which they are most in harmony."

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"We are here!...We are as much of the earth as you are, except that because we have shed the physical bodies, we are not tied to the basic laws which operate for you."


"[Some] souls exist in the etheric zone which is about the earth. They are inhabitants of the world of illusion. there is an almost entire absence of conflict and effort, accordingly there is an absence of any true creation. Many human beings regard such a state as the most desirable condition of being."


"The spirit spheres, are built round the earth plane, and seem to revolve with it."


"This spirit world is in reality just as much a part of your planet as the earth and rocks you tread upon. Around and about your globe, and forming a part of it, are separate, material, concentric belts or zones, varying in width and vibratory action, and therefore in density, into which all mankind and all planetary life passes, on the happening of that event you call death."


"The spheres or degrees in spirit life are only conditions and are not confined to a limited space."


"Interpenetrating your world is another world of substance in a higher state of vibration to the one you sense. The universe is one stupendous whole, but you only appreciate what you see and hear and feel. Believe me, there are other worlds of substance, finer than physical matter, in which life exists and of which you on earth can form no conception. Encircling your world are planes of different density, and these move in rotation with the rotation of the earth."


"The astral world is not an independent world. It is not severed or cut off from the material world. It is just as much a part of this earth that you live on as the material world is. Your life in the astral is just a continuation of your life in the physical."


"I might say Mars, or Jupiter, or Venus; but your mind would tire were I to lead it where spirits of the sixth sphere dwell. I can not locate it. Suffice it to say, far beyond the confines or limits of any star or planet of which you have knowledge."


"Where is the boundary between the earth world and the spirit world? Upon the instant of my passing when I arose from my bed in response to a very definite urge, at that moment I was in the spirit world. The two worlds, then, must interpenetrate one another."


"Now, about this element in which we live. It undoubtedly has a place in space, for it is all around the earth."


"Your world and mine occupy about the same space. The plane of the earth's surface is one of the lower and more material planes of our world, using the word `plane' as you would use the word `layer.'?"


"The world beyond is not up there somewhere. It's here — a change of condition."


"There can be said to be no locality in eternity. Yet, consciousness would appear, to the journeying soul, to exist in a region or place. Certainly, this conception governs the lower or less developed states."



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