The Transition


(The process of becoming aware of, and accustomed to, the spirit realm.)

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I have been told by my instructors in the Spirit World about those who left this world a thousand years and more ago, who are only now beginning to appreciate their new surroundings. But such cases belong to those of low development in this world, who cannot adjust themselves at once to their new conditions and environment. The average man and woman of intelligence perceives the new environment without much delay, some almost immediately, … though with others it may take days or weeks, as we measure time.


"You may or may not realize immediately that you are dead in physical terms."


"You may, after death, utterly refuse to believe that you are dead."


The most common type of reaction I hear is a relieved sigh followed by something on the order of, "Oh, wonderful, I'm home in this beautiful place again."


My subjects are full of exclamations about rediscovered marvels of the spirit world. Usually, this feeling is combined with euphoria that all their worldly cares have been left behind, especially physical pain.


"Ofttimes the ones who are freed from the physical body will go into a state of oblivion .… These ones are cared for in what is known on this side of life as a "rest home". … A rest home can be any suitable place that can protect the astral body of the newly arrived entity until it is fully awake."


"Some people who come over here … don't even believe that they are here. … when they open their astral eyes they think they are dreaming them … Many of them will flatly refuse to accept it. … Some awaken in a state like that and carry on something frightfully."


"It is very difficult to describe the sensation and the feelings that you will likely have the moment when you come over here for the first time. … Your mind is clearer. You are not contaminated. … you do have a sense of freedom-a sense of lightness in the astral world that certainly is not experienced while moving that physical body around. In other words, the astral world is very similar to the material world but it is brighter, finer, and keener in all of its aspects."


"At first the average individual will explore, walk around, and get acquainted with his new surroundings in much the same way that one would act in moving into a new community on the earth plane."


"“it is an extremely difficult task to adjust oneself perfectly to the conditions on this side.


What sensation is experienced by the soul at the moment when it recovers its' consciousness in the world of spirits? "That depends on circumstances. He who has done evil from the love of evil is overwhelmed with shame for his wrong-doing. With the righteous it is very different. His soul seems to be eased of a heavy load, for it does not dread the most searching glance."


"At the first moment, [a soldier killed in battle] may still be excited against his enemy, and even pursue him; but, when he has recovered his self-possession he sees that his animosity has no longer any motive. But he may, nevertheless, retain some traces of it for a longer or shorter period, according to his character,"


"For a time the soul in transit may slumber, particularly if there has been undue shock or mental weakening. On this side they let it sleep until it stirs and seems to feel need, of its own accord, for contact with those on this side."


"When [an atheist] finds himself on this side of the open door, he will not accept the fact, for he knows that there's no such place…For a long time this soul may lie in stupor, waiting for the so-called hallucination to pass away. He is vaguely conscious of activity around him, but to him it has no reality. Sometimes a soul wastes eons in this state."


"There is no sudden jump which will transform you. … It's a smooth beautiful thing, this continuity. The division between lives is an imaginary line, like the equator."


"Those who are passing over in the war…Some even go on fighting; at least they want to; they don't believe they have passed on."


""I was … dazed. I could not realize that the something called death was behind me, and that in me there had been no change, for I was the same in appearance and thought as before."


"I meet some wandering ones who do not realize that they are out of the mortal body, and whom it sometimes takes their guides a long time to lead to a consciousness of their true condition."


"I, in common with hundreds of other men here, go down to the battlefields to help to bring away the souls of those who are passing out of their bodies. … I feel quite tired sometimes of explaining to men that they are "dead!' They wake up feeling so much the same; some go about for days, and even months, believing they are dreaming.


"Our guide told us that it was a home of rest for those who had come into spirit after long illness, or who had had a violent passing, and who were, in consequence, suffering from shock. … Immediately after their dissolution they are sent gently into a deep sleep. In some cases the sleep follows instantly-or practically without break-upon the physical death."


"There is a surprising number of people who do not realize they have passed from the earth in the death of the physical body. Resolutely they will not believe that they are what the earth calls `dead'. They are dimly aware that some sort of change has taken place, but what that change is they are not prepared to say."


"The shock of an unnatural death sets the invisible being in a mad turmoil and makes adjustment to a new environment impossible for a while. One finds oneself in a fantastic dream world with no continuity of experience."


"Where death comes gradually and naturally, one wakes quietly in the new conditions after an interval of a few days. One is fully through, as we say, and although the newcomer has to be cared for and kept quiet until the new rhythms of his body are fully established, he soon becomes strong and vigorous and ready to begin his new life."


"In the first moments of what you call the afterlife, … given all that you are seeing around you (which may be unbelievable to you) … you will be tempted to hold to your own individual understandings, whether they serve you are not."


"There is no one Cimmerian entrance to the world of souls. We wander down a long gallery as it were, containing the scenes of our past. Each individual perceives portraits and pictures of memoried fancy that are not hung in the other galleries. Each has to react towards these, his own creations, according to the nature of his being. When, finally, he enters the etheric world, he puts from him, in great part, his experience within the echoing hall that lies immediately beyond death.."



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