The Transition

Greeters & Guides

(Those who welcome and advise new arrivals in the spirit realms.)

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"There are teachers to explain the conditions and circumstances. You are not left alone, therefore, lost in mazes of hallucinations."


"you may or may not be greeted by friends or relatives … you may be far more interested in people that you have known in past lives that those close to you in the present one."


"To be such a guide requires great discipline and training. … Delicate probing of the psychological processes is necessary, and the variety of hallucinations in which you may become involved is endless. You may, for example, take the form of an individual's dearly beloved dead pet."


"it is of great benefit if friends are waiting for you. In many instances, however, these friends have progressed to other stages of activity, and often a guide will take the guise of a friend for a while, so that you will feel more confident."


If a soul has been traumatized by unfinished business, usually the first entity it sees right after death is its guide. These highly developed spiritual teachers are prepared to take the initial brunt of a soul's frustration following an untimely death.


I have never worked with a subject in trance who did not have a personal guide.


"It is very interesting to note the interest that people in the astral world take in awaiting the arrival of their loved ones on earth. ~ These preparations go on for days, and they talk about it and carry on long conversations about what they are going to do and where they are going to take ~ whoever it is to be freed from the body ~ when he does get here."


"You encounter a goodly number of people because the word spreads rapidly-in the particular division over here which is your division, we might say-that you will be arriving soon in the astral world."


"There are many of us here - many souls - who have chosen to serve as welcomers for returning souls. All souls who come home are welcomed with a great outpouring of love and care."


 “You get a certain amount of help on this side, but nothing is done for you that you must do and should do for yourself.”


Does the spirit find himself at once in company with those whom he knew upon the earth, and who died before him? "Yes; and more or less promptly according to the degree of his affection for them and of theirs for him. They often come to meet him on his return to the spirit-world, and help to free him from the bonds of matter. Others whom he formerly knew, but whom he had lost sight of during his sojourn on the earth, also come to meet him."

12 - 62

"After the initial greeting, the souls are introduced about and made acquainted with the laws which govern their transport and conversation with other."


"My companion was greatly amused by my enthusiasm, which, he declared, was equal to a schoolboy's. It was not his first acquaintance with it, however; most people when they first arrive are taken in the same way! And it affords our friends a never-ending pleasure to show us round."


"Spirit guides constitute one of the grandest orders in the whole organization and administration of the spirit world. They inhabitant a realm of their own, and they have all lived for many centuries in the spirit world."


"Our work is to be on hand when those newly arrived entities awake to awareness. Sometimes their friends and loved ones already in these realms have been "alerted." Then we wait in the background until the greetings are over. In other cases ours are the first "countenances" they see; ours are the words of comfort, assurance and welcome."


"There is even a large organization of souls who call themselves a League. Their special work is to take hold of those who have just come out, helping them to find themselves and to adjust to the new conditions.


"There are many who make it their pleasure to help the souls of the newly arrived. They never leave a newcomer entirely to his own resources. Help is always offered, though it is not always accepted."



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