The Transition

Review & Judgement

(Evaluating the previous life and determining its impact on the future of a spirit.)

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"Not only must you use your abilities after death, however, but you must face up to yourself for those that you did not use during your previous existence."


"Then there is a period of self-examination, a rendering of accounts, so to speak, in which they are able to view their entire performance, their abilities and weak points and to decide whether or not they will return to physical existence."


"Is it nothing that we tell you that words and deeds are as the pebble thrown into the stream which causes an ever-widening ripple, ceaselessly enlarging in its effects, and that for such influence you are accountable; that every word, every act, is of incalculable import in its results and influence; that the good which your influence produces is to you a source of gratification hereafter, while of the ill you must view the baleful effects in agony and remorse?"


After souls arrive back into their soul groups, they are summoned to appear before a Council of Elders. While the Council is not prosecutorial, they do engage in direct examination of a soul's activities before returning them to their groups.


"If you have done wrong things … you soul will know this. When it returns home, that knowledge will sadden your soul and it will grieve for those wrong things that were done. … It will be helped through this period of suffering by those other souls whose work it is to help in the transition … God does not punish. He waits."


"Consciousness is its own judge. So there must be individual unhappiness - until that consciousness is appeased."


"Eventually every soul arriving in the astral world will gravitate to the level that it had earned for itself through its actions and deeds upon the earth plane."


"A master who had been cruel to his slaves might become a slave in his turn, and undergo the torments he had inflicted on others. He who has wielded authority may, in a new existence, be obliged to obey those who formerly bent to his will. Such an existence may be imposed upon him as an expiation if he has abused his power."


"[The soul of the cruel man] becomes gradually purified through his identification with the sufferings of his victims."


"The spirit of the hangman, the murderer, the wrongdoer, is related by strongest ties to all his criminal acts on earth, to all that he has made miserable on earth; and … so the spirit of the wrongdoer hears in itself an image of all connected with his wrongdoing, continually revolving upon his inner consciousness, and though locally in purest heaven, his relations to his earth life make for himself the gloomiest hell. Thus he hears the carpenters erecting a scaffold and the avenging words of the one he hanged, and feels the pangs of the bereft home which he made desolate."


"When one comes here, one enters into the judgment directly one becomes conscious; and no other person could be so severe or just a judge of us as we ourselves can be when facing the truth. For many it is a terrible hour."


"The story of my life was being told … the impression made upon my mind was as if all senses had united in one grand effort to place my past life in its true phases before me. I sat appalled and dismayed."


"Death does bring a man into his own estate. That is, he sees his own characteristics and abilities in a clearer light and after the first shock of surprise he usually views himself with a more generous, lively compassion than he did before."


"Here, there is no compulsory confinement, and no punishment, except what you mete out to yourself!"


"There is no compulsion, of course, to review one's past life on earth as soon as one arrives and the new life here begins. Some take a long while to tackle the problem. They dread to see the effects of mistakes and failures."


"Somewhere in the depths of my mind two "blueprints" are brought forward into my consciousness. … One is the Perfect Idea with which my spirit went bravely into incarnation. The other is the resultant of only a partially understood Plan … in fact, my life as it was actually lived. It was a shock to me, and a very salutary experience, to find that these two plans differed exceedingly. And yet, one learns so much by facing the results."


"During this experience the whole cycle of your life-term unfolds before you in a kaleidoscopic series of pictures. During this crisis one seems to be entirely alone. Yours is the judgment. You stand at your own bar of judgment. You make your own decisions. You take your own blame….You are the accused, the judge and the jury."


"The state of his astral body judges him and decides the nature of his after-death experiences. One needs no worse hell than the torment of living in a diseased and suffering astral body."


"The fact of not having developed certain powers that are needed here carries its own penalty. It is the doom of what one is and from that there is no escape."


"In this process of recollection, as an incident comes back to one's mind it brings with it the actual feelings, not of oneself alone but of the others who were affected by the event. All their feelings have now to be experienced in oneself as though they were one's own."


"The tyrant, for instance, who gloated over the victims he cruelly tortured will experience similar sufferings in his soul. His imagination has thrilled with, and delighted in, the ugliness of pain, so that ugliness surrounds, penetrates and overwhelms, in the dark places of his own creation."



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