An encyclopedic compilation of descriptions of the life hereafter, as given by discarnates and as recalled by the entranced. This is an ongoing project; many sources have yet to be examined. Let us know if you have a book or document that you believe should be included.

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The Transition - T

    • Sensations & Emotions - T1

    • Location - T2

    • Destinations - T3

    • Arriving/Awakening - T4

    • Greeters & Guides - T5

    • Review & Judgement - T6

Conditions/Environment - C

    • Physicality/Realness - C1

    • Light & Climate - C2

    • Landscape & Vegetation - C3

    • Buildings & Infrastructure - C4

    • Time - C5

    • Technology - C6

Particular Populations - P

    • Children & Infants - P1

    • Stillbirths & Abortions - P2

    • Aliens/Non-Earthlings - P3

    • Pets & Animals - P4

    • Angelic Beings - P5

    • Suicides - P6

Mind & Body - B

     • Character & Emotions - B1

     • Memory & Knowledge - B2

     • Structure & Functions - B3

     • Appearance & Clothing - B4

     • Food & Drugs - B5

     • Rest & Sleep - B6

Operating/Functioning - F

    • Communicating - F1

    • Traveling - F2

    • Creating & Controlling - F3

Social Aspects - S

     • Gender & Sexuality - S1

     • Personal Relations - S2

     • Race & Ethnicity - S3

     • Status & Competition -S4

     • Government & Authority - S5

     • Trade & Money - S6

Activities - A

    • Religion & Morality - A1

   •  Work & Study - A2

    • Entertainment & Art - A3

    • Sports & Games - A4

    • Gatherings & Celebrations- A5

    • Leisure & Hobbies - A6

Relation to Material Realm - R

     • Awareness of - R1

     • Communicating with - R2

     • Attraction to - R3

     • Ability to Affect - R4

     • How Affected by Us - R5

Soul Development - D

    • Birth/Creation - D1

    • Oversouls & Groups - D2

    • Choosing the Physical - D3

    • Reincarnation - D4

    • Advancement/Progress - D5

    • Apotheosis - D6

"Man never dies, cannot die, however he may wish it — in that great truth rests the key to the future."
– Imperator

Elaborations of Subjects, Categories, and Topics

       A - Activities

Religion & Morality - A1.
     a1.1 - Good, Evil, God, and Satan
     a1.2 - Religious Views and Practices in Spirit Realms
     a1.3 - Spirit's Opinions of Earthly Practices

Work &Study - A2
     a2.1 - Jobs — General
     a2.2 - Job Training
     a2.3 - Learning Spirit Life
     a2.4 - Optional Classes
     a2.5 - Education — General

Entertainment & Art - A3
     a3.1 - Music
     a3.2 - Painting
     a3.3 - Sculpture
     a3.4 - Literature and Libraries
     a3.5 - Miscellaneous Performing Arts
     a3.6 - Other Artistic Expressions

Sports & Games - A4: What sort of games and sports can be played in a realm where participants can read each other's minds and move at the speed of thought?

Gatherings & Celebrations - A5: Assemblages to coordinate efforts, ceremonies of honor and recognition, celebrations of special occasions, and observations of holidays..

Leisure & Fun - A6: Do spirits read books? Go for strolls by the seaside? Knit sweaters? Solve puzzles? Practice Taijiquan?

       B - Mind & Body

Character & Emotions - B1: Personality characteristics as carried over into, or formed within, the spiritual realms.

Memory & Knowledge - B2: What does the spirit know of its past, its present, its purpose, its future? How are the intellectual powers linked to the mind, brain, spirit?)

Constitution & Functions - B3: How "real" are spirit bodies? Do they get sick? Can they be injured? Do they consist of organs? Do they rely on bacteria?
     b3.1 - Body Parts, Organs, and Cells
     b3.2 - Senses and Faculties
     b3.3 - Health and Vitality
     b3.4 - Abilities and Control

Appearance & Clothing - B4: How spirits appear to each other. How they identify one another.

Nourishment & Drugs - B5: Sustenance, eating, drinking, taste, digestion, and elimination, plus the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other substances in the spirit realms.

Rest & Sleep - B6: The requirement for, and practice of, sleep and rest in the spirit realms.

       C - Conditions/Environment

Physicality & Realness - C1:How solid, how real?

Light & Climate - C2: Ambient light, day & night, temperature, wind, rain, etc., in the spirit realms.

Landscape & Vegetation - C3: Plants, trees, agriculture, and other growing things, plus land formations, rivers & seas, mountains, caves, soil, and minerals in the spirit realms.

Buildings & Infrastructure - C4: Architecture, design, planning, and appearance of houses, halls, offices, parks, roads, bridges, etc., in the spirit realms.

Time - C5: How spirits sense change and the passage of time. How time in the spirit realms compares to time in our world.

Technology - C6: Inventions, equipment, devices, and machinery in the spirit realms

       D - Soul Development

Birth/Creation - D1: The origination of souls/spirits.

Oversouls & Groups - D2: Hierarchies of souls, multiple manifestations of a soul, clans and other soul groupings.

Choosing the Physical - D3: The reasons a soul comes to live on Earth or another physical locale.

Reincarnation - D4
     d4.1 - Process and Procedures
     d4.2 - Planning and Purposes
     d4.3 - Impact and Memory
     d4.4 - Partners and Groups
     d4.5 - Roles and Gender
     d4.6 - Affirmations and Denials

Advancement/Progress - D5: Prompts, motivation, or requirements for a spirit to move on to other/higher realms.

Apotheosis - D6: Life 'among the Gods', What the whole process is about and where spirits are ultimately headed.

       F - Operations and Functioning

Communicating - F1: How spirits communicate among themselves.

Traveling - F2: How spirits move within and between the spirit realms.

Creating & Controlling - F3
     f3.1 - Methods and Material
     f3.2 - Waste and Recycling
     f3.3 - Creating Homes
     f3.4 - Artifacts
     f3.5 - Landscaping

       P - Particular Populations

Children & Infants - P1: The differences in experiences between those who die as infants or children and as adults.

Stillbirths & Abortions - P2: The fate of souls intended for fetuses that are stillborn or aborted.

Aliens/Non-Earthlings - P3: The existence of spirits from deceased intelligent beings who died on other planets.

Pets & Animals - P4: The presence and activities of pets, domestic animals, and wildlife in the spirit realms.

Angelic Beings - P5: Are angels different from the spirits in men? If so, how?

       R - Relation to Material Realm

Spirits' Awareness of Us - R1: The means and extent of the awareness by spirits of the thoughts and actions of people in our world.

Spirits' Communications With Us - R2
     r2.1 - Process and Methods
     r2.2 - Content and Purposes
     r2.3 - Obstacles and Distortions

Spirits' Attraction To The Earth - R3: Fixation on, longing for, or focus on the physical realm by spirits.

Spirits' Ability To Affect Us - R4
     r4.1 - Process and Methods
     r4.2 - Inspiration/Innovation
     r4.3 - Manifestations
     r4.4 - Promoting Spirituality

How The Spirits Are Affected By Us - R5: The extent to which our thoughts, prayers, and actions can affect the spirits.

       S - Social & Relationships

Gender & Sexuality - S1: The extent and role of male and female orientations and functions in the spirit realms.

Personal Relations - S2
     s2.1 - Spouses and Lovers
     s2.2 - Family and Friends
     s2.3 - Miscellaneous Ties and Bonds

Cultural Divisions - S3: The presence and meaning of ethnic and racial concepts in the spirit realms.

Status & Competition - S4: How societal position is measured and achieved in the spirit realms.

Government & Authority - S5: How decisions, rules, and laws are made and enforced in the spirit realms.

Trade & Money - S6: The means of assessing value and achieving fair exchanges in the spirit realms.

       T - The Transition

Sensations & Emotions - T1: The sensory impressions and feelings experienced during and closely following death.

Location - T2: Where the spirit realms are.

Destinations - T3
     t3.1 - Organization and Layout
     t3.2 - Determining Factors
     t3.3 - Lower Realms
     t3.4 - Middle Realms (general qualities)
     t3.5 - Higher Realms

Arriving/Awakening - T4: The process of becoming aware of, and accustomed to, the spirit realm.

Greeters & Guides - T5: Those who welcome and advise new arrivals in the spirit realms.

Review & Judgement - T6: Evaluating the previous life and determining its impact on the future of a spirit.

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