Advocacy Group Liaison

The current AECES Liaison with Advocacy Groups [organizations formed to advance a particular topic] is Stephen H. Hall, a resident of Florida, USA.

       Hall is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with degrees in General Studies and Psychology. He is a recently retired state employee, having worked as a children's services social worker and public school system administrator. He currently works as a part-time technical facilitator at Nova Southeastern University. During the Vietnam era, Hall served in the U.S. Navy Reserve and spent his active tour of duty on a submarine out of Charleston, South Carolina. He retired from the Navy Reserve after 20 years of service.

       Hall currently pursues his interests in a variety of border sciences. He first became interested in paranormal research after hearing a presentation by Dr. David E. Jones, professor of anthropology at UCF, who wrote a book titled Visions of Time: experiments in psychic archeology. He became interested in the study of the survival of consciousness after attending a conference on the subject hosted by Dr. Gary E. Schwartz at the University of Arizona in 2002.

Hall is an active member in the following organizations:
    •  Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc. (ASPSI)
    •  International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA)
    •  Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE)
    •  Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential
    •  The Institute for Noetic Sciences
    •  Rhine Research Center
    •  Forever Family Foundation

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