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Photos Selected From Garland's Book

Gregory Parent

Hamlin Garland

Sophia Williams

Williams & Garland dig for crosses.

Cutlines as supplied in the book beneath illustrations:

B1, B2, B3 — Examples of crosses, barbaric in design: 1. Antelope design; 2. Flora; 3. Heads of soldier and child. [Note: pictures 2 and 3 were apparently switched in error by the publisher.] (p.29)

B4 — [not described] (p.31)

B5 — [not described] (p.32)

B6 — Amulet with ape or monkey heads. Note varying character of the heads. (p.37)

B7 — Metal plaque bearing form of a bell and ten turbaned heads — said to be Arabian in design. (p.39)

B8 — This amulet, we are told, is very old and "came from the South." (p.41)

B9 — Trail markers or monuments, and commemorative tablets. Made, we are told, by the neophytes at the missions. (p.43)

B10 — This metal cross was fire-scarred. It bears the head of a steer and three coffee berries. (p.67)

B11 — Found by Constance Garland, May 15, 1937. Observe faint heads and faces. (p.117)

B12 — The Monkey and Panther clans are symbolized on this amulet. (p.261)

B13 — Calendar plaque found by Hamlin Garland's party, June 24,1937. Note dimly outlined heads. (p.161)

B14 — Another amulet — representing the Monkey Clan. (p.171)

B15 — Note heads wearing turbans. This amulet is wholly barbaric in design. (p.181)

B16 — Observe dimly-seen turbaned heads. This appears to be very old and fire-scarred.. (p.191)

B17 — Trail-Marker. (p.211)

B18 — Cross of the Panther Clan. This "rain cross" containes eight per cent silver. Note snarling panther heads. (p.215)

B19 — Cross representing sun rays. Said to have been used in worship.. (p.239)

B20 — These are said to be representations of the track of the sloth. (p.247)

B21 — Amulet with butterfly in center. (p.267)


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