"The truth of immortality may ultimately prove itself to be the only cornerstone upon which a decent and humane society can really depend."
– H. Westwood, D.D., There Is a Psychic World, 1949.

Evidence for an afterlife comes from many types of experiences. Cases in the Survival Top 40 tend to involve the transfer of information via language, symbol, or signal. This section is concerned with other aspects of evidence, aspects that might or might not strengthen a case. Only the significance and implications of the evidence are discussed herein. The validity of such evidence is explored in many books and documents listed in the AECES Library.

Commentaries and Articles

Current Topics

•  OBEs During NDEs

•  Physical Phenomena in Séances

•  Materializations of Spirits

•  NDAs / Death-Bed Visions

Potential Topics

•  Predictions and Prophecies

•  Electronic Voice

•  Cross Correspondences

•  Healing

•  Transcendent Talents

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The Kluski Paraffin Hands

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This not the place to present evidence, this is the place to examine the ramifications of phenomena. You may reference a case to make a point, but assume that the reader is familiar with it and do not describe it in any detail. If you want to tell the world about an especially convincing case or occurrence, make a suggestion for the Survival Top 40.

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