"It is unfortunate that learned men, who see the phenomena for the first time, commit the error of supposing that their entry into the arena marks the beginning of the proper investigation of mediumistic phenomena."
– Baron Albert von Schrenck-Notzing, M.D.

For well over a century, skilled researchers have been seeking to understand what happens after death. The breadth of their knowledge, their objective discernment, and their dogged pursuit of the truth inspire all of us who seek an understanding of the afterlife.

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Below, in alphabetical order, are the names of some of the many men and women who have made an important contribution to, or played a critical role in, the discovery of evidence for the continuation of life beyond the demise of our physical bodies. Click on an entry to access an interview.

This is an ongoing effort. If a pertinent person is missing, it's likely because we haven't yet gotten to him or her. Nevertheless, suggestions are welcome.

Interviews with the Living

Although a few of these interviewees might have passed over to another realm by now, all the responses in this section were recorded while they remained on the physical plane.

"Interviews" with the Deceased

These exchanges were constructed after the participant's demise by using their published statements to answer the "interviewer's" questions.

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