"Nor has truth ever injured the human race, but the misapprehension of it and the fear of it have. Safety is in investigation, and in more investigation, until error and misapprehension and fear are excluded."
– Isaac Funk

Upper Shelf: Compilations of Evidence

Trilogy Allen, Miles Edward, The Hereafter Trilogy: Thr Book That Removes All Doubt [Consists of 3 books: The Survival Files: The Most Convincing Evidence Ever Compiled For The Survival Of Your Soul, The Afterlife Confirmed: Even More Convinving Evidence From the Survival Files, and Top-40 Remains.] Momentpoint Media, 2015.

Almeder, Robert, Death & Personal Survival, Littlefield Adams, 1992.

Barrett, William F., On the Threshold of the Unseen, 1918, Kessinger.

Hogan, R. Craig, Your Eternal Self, 2008, Greater Reality Publications.

MyersMyers, F.W.H., Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death, 1903, Dover Publications.

Owen, Robert Dale, Footfalls On The Boundary Of Another World, 1868, Reprint by Kessinger Publishing.

Radin, Dean, The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena, HarperCollins Publishers, 1997.

Schmicker, Michael, Best Evidence, 2nd Ed., Writer's Club Press, 2002.

SchwartzSchwartz, Gary, with William L. Simon, The Afterlife Experiments, Pocket Books, 2002.

Talbot, Michael, The Holographic Universe, HarperCollins, 1991.

Tynm, Michael, The Articulate Dead, Galde Press, 2008.

Middle Shelf: Evidence with Emphasis on Implications

Myers Butler. Tom., Your Immortal Self: Exploring the Mindful Way, AA-EVP Publications, 2016.

Lower Shelf: Compilations of Descriptions of the Afterlife

SchwartzAllen, Miles Edward, The Realities of Hewaven: Fifty Spirits Describe Your Future Home, Momentpoint Media, 2015.

Bailey, Alice, Death: The Great Adventure, Lucis Publishing Company.

Betty, Stafford, The Afterlife Unveiled, O-Books, 2010.

Ford, Arthur, The Life Beyond Death, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1971.

Tymn, Michael E., The Afterlife Revealed, White Crow Books, 2011.

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