"The greatest skeptic concerning paranormal phenomena is invariably the man who knows the least about them."
– Harry Price

Aisle 7
Physical Phenomena: Manifestations, etc.

DoyleDoyle, Sir Arthur Conan, The History of Spiritualism, Arno Press, 1975 (orig. pub. 1924).

Findlay, Arthur, On the Edge of the Etheric, Or Survival After Death Scientifically Explained, Hesperides Press, 2006 (orig. pub. 1931).

Flint, Leslie, Voices in the Dark: , My Life as a Medium, Macmillan Company, 1971.

HarrisHarris, Louie, Alec Harris: The Full Story of His Remarkable Physical Mediumship, Saturday Night Press Publications, 2009 (abbreviated earlier version published in 1980).

Harrison, Tom, Life After Death: Living Proof, Saturday Night Press Publications 2008.

HomeHome, Daniel D., Incidents In My Life, Adamant Media Corporation, 2005 (orig. pub. 1864).

Westwood, Horace, D.D., There Is A Psychic World, Crown Publishers, 1949.

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