"It is time that sceptical scientists abandoned this absurd concept that humanity includes a tiny minority of sensible, level-headed, logical and completely trustworthy scientists, and everyone else may be freely assumed to be either a thundering liar or extremely ignorant and stupid."
– John D. Ralphs

AECES Outreach


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The reactive portion of AECES Outreach involves responding to statements or questions from the public in any of three media: (1) the blogs, fora, and other postings on the Web, (2) published periodicals (magazines, newspapers, and newsletters) and (3) queries sent directly to AECES.

We will make available an archive of queries we receive directly and our responses to same.

We rely on you and other members to monitor the periodicals you receive and let us know when we might respond with a letter (on official AECES letterhead) to the author or editor of the piece. Send us any published writing that questions the reality of an afterlife or suggests that belief in such is a matter or personal opinion rather than demonstrated fact. If the article is not on the web and you cannot scan it to send it, please clip it out or photocopy it and mail it to us. You are more than welcome to send along a draft reply.

There are thousands of ever-changing ways that people can post on the World Wide Web. Clearly, AECES does not have anywhere near the staff that would be required to monitor all of those sites, let alone respond whenever the opportunity avails, especially when many sites require registration before a response can be posted. Nevertheless, being that communicating evidence for an afterlife is our reason for existence as an organization, it would be a shame to ignore opportunities to talk directly with those individuals who have expressed some interest in such.

View the Responses Archives