Honorable Mentions

These are cases that were in the Top 40 at one time but have been displaced by cases with higher scores Click HERE for more information on the Evidence Scoring System. Click on the case name to go to a summary in .pdf format. Clicking on the source will lead you to information on obtaining the source, if it is a book.

Case Name  [ Identification number ]
1846 The Dead Debtor   [ID#27] Binns
1859 The Ramhurst Revenants   [ID#25] Owen
1890 Uncle Jerry's Watch   [ID#10] Lodge
1892 The Unexpected Husband   [ID#50] Crosby
1899 Swept to the Sea   [ID#49] Solovovo
1903 Blanche Writes a Note  [ID#55]    Myers
1920 The Pearl Tie-Pin   [ID#40] Barrett
1922 Evidence By The Book   [ID#11] Thomas
1922 The Books In The Iron Box   [ID#52] Thomas
1924 The Singing Spirit   [ID#31] Owen
1926 The Unknown Plot   [ID#57] Stringfellow
1928 Where There's A Will   [ID#73] SPR
1939 From Bois to Boyce   [ID#43] Cummins
1940 The Killing of Klaas K.   [ID#38] Zorab
1942 Where's the Smoke?   [ID#13] Sugrue
1947 A Very Confidential Secretary  [ID#26] Gibbes
1963 Jung's Dream Library   [ID#12] Jung
1971 Young Soldiers Never Die Either   [ID#47] Gauld
1975 Icelandic Leg Hunting   [ID#42] Braude
1979 Global Blinking  [ID#51] Wright
1993 The Phantom Fingertips   [ID#41] Cross
1997 A Different Sort of ‘Cold Case'   [ID#34] Martin
2002 The Post-It That Wouldn't Die   [ID#53] Wright
2005 Before the Evidence Melts Away   [ID#37] Arcangel
2005 Granddaughter Jerri's Watch   [ID#32] Arcangel
2005 The Wealthy Wall   [ID#33] Arcangel

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