"The present condition in world affairs is such, and the doubts and misgivings to which it has given rise so full of gloom, that no individual has the right to withhold information concerning what he regards as possible sources of faith and hope."
– Rev.H. Westwood, There Is a Psychic World, 1949.
Mission Statement
ÆCES is established to educate the public concerning the evidence for the Survival of the human personality beyond the demise of the physical body.
       This is done directly by discerning and distributing the most convincing cases, and indirectly by placing special emphasis on encouraging, supporting, and facilitating the work of researchers, writers, presenters, organizers, mediums, and others whose work promotes increased awareness of the afterlife.
       The likely effect of widespread knowledge and acceptance of the reality of Survival, we hope and believe, will be to cause people to realize more clearly the true consequences of their actions, thereby encouraging kindness and compassion and promoting peace and freedom worldwide.
       We do not do research and we do very little investigation beyond studying available materials. We do not assume the role of scientists or detectives. The Top-40 project applies set criteria to the work of scientists and investigators in an attempt to objectively determine which cases are the most convincing and then inform the general public of our results. The Legacy Files project presents documents showing the best evidence from the past and biographies of the people responsible for developing and preserving that evidence. In addition, a collection of articles and essays provide background materials, offer insightful views, and analyze other forms of evidence.
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