"The continuity of life has been proved and as well established as any other fact of nature, "
– Edward C. Randall, Esq., 1922
Overview and Guide
        AECES was formed by volunteers who wished to spread the word about the overwhelming amount of solid evidence for life after death.

Top 40Central to our work is a collection of cases we call "The Survival Top 40." There is nothing of special significance to the number 40, other than we felt that ten was too few, a hundred was too many, and "The Top 40" recalled halcyon summer nights listening to rock-n-roll radio.
        Even so, a list of 40 anything can be a bit intimidating to the newcomer, so we have created a small sampling of cases here to whet your appetite. Each synopsis if followed by a link to the fuller discussion of the case, and you may reach the entire list directly by clicking here.
        Before you begin examining cases, we'd like to take this opportunity to outline some of the other ways that AECES is promoting a better understanding of Survival. (By the way, our use of the capital "S" indicates a reference to life beyond death as opposed to living beyond the collapse of civilization.)

Legacy FilesA major project that is fully operational is The Legacy Files. For more than a century and a half, skilled researchers have been seeking to understand what happens after death. Today, there is little recognition of the great strides these researchers made. The histories and biographies included in The Legacy Files are our attempt to applaud and archive this impressive body of work. The breadth of the researchers' knowledge, their objective discernment, and their dogged pursuit of the truth, inspire us all. The extraordinary dedication and sacrifice of a host of mediums and other participants will likely never be equaled. So, take some time when you can to explore this section and learn the lessons of yesteryear.

The Supporting Evidence project presents documents examining the value and significance of various types of evidence that are not generally involved in Top-40 cases. This is intended as a resource for investigators, researchers, and writers.

Does one eat in the afterlife? Do souls dance? Will I meet Jesus? To answer these and hundreds of similar questions, the fourth AECES project — The Afterlife Guide — attempts to gather all accounts of the environment, structure, and purpose of the next realms as relayed via credible regressions, visions, and other-body experiences such as NDEs. Pertinent passages are selected from books and articles by volunteer readers. Then editors collate and combine the statements and file them under specific headings to create an encyclopedic reference. This project is just getting underway. Volunteers are needed to assist in this work.
A Survival-Top-40 Sampler

Relics Revealed — George and Violet Parent were struggling to make ends meet on the meager salary he earned as a grocery clerk, when she began receiving messages from the other side. Within a few years, the couple was quite well off financially, thanks to the money, gold, and other valuables they found hidden in the California desert. They said that they were guided to the treasure caches by the spirits of missionaries and natives who wanted to provide proof of the afterlife. In the process, they recovered over 1,500 crosses, totems and other ceremonial artifacts buried by these long-dead souls. Years later, an investigator for the American Psychical Society successfully replicated the Parent's feat, by following instructions given through a medium and finding other places where artifacts had been buried. For more information on this important case, click here.

The Wealthy Wall — A business executive dreams that a deceased acquaintance instructs him to tell his surviving wife to "look inside the wall" at a specific place in their home. The dreamer tell his own wife, but refuses to relay the message to its intended recipient because he doesn't want to bother her with something so crazy. But the disturbing dream comes again and again until the dreamer's wife takes matters into her own hands by calling the widow and relaying the strange request. A few hours later a very excited widow calls back to say that she had discovered several thousand dollars within the wall. For more information on this unusual case, click here.

The Return of Mary Roff — A young girl awakes in her own bed but claims that she is the daughter of a family from the other side of town, a daughter who died 13 years previously. She claims that the family members surrounding her are total strangers and begs to be taken "home." After 10 days of this, she is allowed to go and live, temporarily, with the family she claims is hers. While there, she acts and speaks in every way precisely as the real daughter used to do. She knows which clothes are hers and which she made, she knows the exact location her brother was scarred when a stovepipe fell on him. When asked if she remembers a certain dog, she immediately points out the location in her sister's house where the dog died. Throughout her 14-week stay, never does any statement or way of talking or gesture give the slightest hint that she is not who she claims to be. Click here to read the full story.

Friends and Strangers — Soon after dying in an accident, George Pellew — a lawyer and author known to professor Richard Hodgson, Ph.D. — begins to speak through a medium whom the professor is investigating. Over the next several years, Dr. Hodgson brings some 150 different people to séances, all of them unknown to the medium. Thirty of these sitters were known to Pellew. Speaking through the medium, the spirit recognizes and calls by name each of those Pellew had known in his earthly life, and fails to recognize those he had not. There are two exceptions to this, but the exceptions prove to be the most evidential of all. Click here to learn more.

A Submariner Resurfaces — A young man seeking relief from his fear of water and his fear of enclosed spaces is hypnotically regressed to a previous life in which he drowned within the steel confines of a sinking submarine. He recalls the doomed sailor's name, the name of the sub, the location and date of the sinking and numerous other details which are all borne out by consulting various military records from World War II. In addition he describes his birthplace, boyhood home, and a special habit the youth had; a habit recalled by a - now elderly - cousin. Click here for more information on this extremely evidential case.